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How to stop Peter Dutton

How we stop Peter Dutton
Peter Dutton is poised to become Australia's next Prime Minister. The only way to stop him is by kicking off an unprecedented campaign against his rule.

UPDATE: We've SMASHED our first target of 25,000 hours pledged. Then we SMASHED our stretch target of 50,000! Can we push on to 75,000?

62,346/75,000 volunteer hours pledged – just 12,654 to go!
Here's how we make it happen:

Step 1: Pledge to volunteer, Step 2: Donate to fund the campaign; Step 3: Spread the word Can't pledge to volunteer right now? Click here to skip step 1 and go direct to Step 2 and donate.
The idea that right-wing extremist Peter Dutton could become Prime Minister was once unthinkable. But with the Turnbull Government in turmoil after a knife-edge leadership showdown, the unthinkable is closer than ever to becoming reality.

For years, Dutton has accumulated ever more power through a brutal combination of racism, hate-mongering, and the politics of fear. His Prime Ministership would be a disaster for our country.

Peter Dutton has also previously been Health Minister, where he cut $57 billion out of our local hospitals, and tried to force through the GP co-payment that would push us towards an American-style user-pays approach to healthcare.

We need to do whatever we can to stop this man becoming Prime Minister.
Dutton may be powerful in Canberra. But in his electorate, Dutton is fighting for his political life.

Since 2016, thousands of GetUp members have been running an active grassroots campaign to vote Dutton out at the next election. And thanks to their efforts, Dutton's electorate has become one of the most marginal in the country.

Dutton runs a real risk of losing his seat at the next election. And if voters look set to boot him out, it's hard for him to argue that he deserves to be the next Prime Minister.

So the best way for us to take on Dutton is to ramp up our efforts to defeat him at the ballot box. And to do that, we need thousands more people, across the country, pledging to join the people-powered effort.
Dutton lost the leadership challenge, but it was a close-run thing. And that means Malcolm Turnbull's leadership has suffered a major blow.

Moving to the backbench after a first leadership challenge is a standard tactic for leadership aspirants. And from Dutton's new spot on the Coalition backbench, he's free to destabilise Turnbull's leadership and boost his own numbers.

Dutton essentially confirmed his intentions by refusing point-blank to rule out another challenge. This isn't over, and to stop Dutton from becoming Prime Minister, we need to move fast.


Join the campaign to stop Peter Dutton by pledging your time as a volunteer.

By pledging to give your time to this campaign, you're not signing your life away -- you're signing up to say you're committed to volunteer in the way that is most strategic between now and the election, which might look different depending on where you live, and what your skills are. Pledging to participate is the first step. Next, you'll be contacted by a GetUp organiser in the next week with an update on the best way to get involved.

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