Please note: this campaign ended in 2016.

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New England calls on Tony Windsor to challenge Barnaby Joyce

Friends, my name's Rosemary Nankivell.

I'm a farmer on the Liverpool Plains. My crop and cattle farm is out near Quirindi. Like many farmers in our area, I've watched our land and water put at risk by the rapid expansion of coal and coal seam gas. It worries me: this isn't just our livelihoods we're talking about, it's the entire country's food bowl.

But truth be told, what worries me most is what will happen to the Plains if we stick with Barnaby Joyce.

Joyce might say he's standing for New England community's interests. But that's coming from the leader of a party that routinely accepts tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from the coal and gas industry (not to mention contributions from Gina Rinehart, personally given to fund Joyce's last election campaign).

Tony Windsor - former Independent member for New England - has said he's considering running against Barnaby Joyce. I don't just think it's a good option. If we want to protect our farmlands, I think it's our only option.

I've seen a few election campaigns here in my time - but this year, it feels like the 2016 election counts for double. With Barnaby Joyce as Deputy Prime Minister, leader of a party funded by coal and gas industry — he'll be making decisions for the whole country, not just for us.

When Tony Windsor represented us last time around, I saw him stand up for regional Australians. I watched him go out on a limb to ensure the passage of "water trigger" amendments in our Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, so that the risks of mining projects on could be properly evaluated. And I saw him champion and win funding for a valley-wide bioregional assessment process, so that water in sensitive regions - like ours - could be protected.

But since then, the Coalition have been doing their darnedest to skip over these safeguards, devolve approvals to the states, and make it easier for projects to be approved. Regardless of what he says about standing up for the Plains: Barnaby Joyce has been silent, allowing these measures to be scuttled. Party politics aside: we deserve better representation than that.

If mining damages the water supplies that keep our farmland alive, there'll be no vote, and no election, that can help us. There'll be no going back. This has to be New England's time to chart a new course. One that has nothing to do with Gina Rinehart's grubby money, or the coal mines that could damage our food bowl for good.

Will you sign in support of a new way forward for New England?

Tony Windsor is the former independent member for the federal seat of New England. He has held balance of power positions in both the NSW and federal parliaments.

In the past, he has fought to amend to Environmental Protection Biodiversity Conservation act to include a 'water trigger' - ensuring water systems are not impacted by major coal seam gas and coal mining projects. He's opposed mining on prime agricultural land, including Shenhua Watermark mine planned for New England.

He's pushed for better policies on behalf of regional Australia. Read more here.
That's a decision for the GetUp members of New England.

This is a community-led petition, encouraging Tony Windsor to run for the seat. He's shown a good track record on key GetUp issues in the past. In the past, before making a decision to support a candidate, GetUp has reviewed a party or person's policy credentials in relation to the core issues our community cares about.

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We urge you to run as an independent candidate for New England this election, and stand up to protect our water, our land, and clean energy future.


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