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Help build New Power in Australia

***Thank you to everyone who chipped fund the new power fight. This offer has now ended.***

We had a pretty wild idea, and we want to see if you'll take us up on it.

GetUp Co-Founder Jeremy Heimans wrote a book on 'New Power' — recently featured on Q&A and Conversations with Richard Fidler.

'New power' is mass collective action with intensity. New power disrupts politics as usual to change what's possible. New power is you, it's all of us, together.

It's important for understanding how together we can win against big corporate money and political machines — and how we can change our local communities for the better.

So make any contribution to support our work today, and we'll send you a copy of New Power.
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See the praise for 'New Power' from legendary activists:

"This book will inform and inspire all those wanting to make change ... and acheive a goal against all odds." — Jane Goodall

"This important book will, in Ghandi's words, encourage us to be the change we want to see in the world, a change that is ever more possible but which today hangs in the balance." — The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG
New power is an incredible force — for both good and ill. It's been harnessed by Trump, Putin and the NRA as much as Corbyn, Sanders and U.S. gun control advocates.

The book on 'New Power' was written by GetUp Co-Founder, Jeremy Heimans. He's recently been in Australia — you may have seen and heard him on Q&A and Conversations with Richard Fidler.

New Power shines a light on the cultural phenomena of our day, from #BlackLivesMatter to the Ice Bucket Challenge to Airbnb, uncovering the new power forces that made them huge. Drawing on examples from business, activism and pop culture, this book explains how to build new power and channel it successfully. It also explores the dark side of these forces: the way ISIS has co-opted new power to monstrous ends, and the rise of the alt-right's "intensity machine."

Thankfully, in Australia New Power has been defined by GetUp members. Online, on the airwaves and in the streets, we've mobilised to save our reef, stop Tony Abbott's horror budget, and prevent families from being sent back to horrific conditions on Nauru.

For more information about New Power, watch this video: