The haste taken to lockdown Aboriginal communities has inevitably created chaotic conditions for a number of communities.

People are locked out of their communities and stranded in major towns
The lack of Government coordination and delay in translating COVID-19 announcements left many people unaware of the risks to their health and impending community lockdowns. Aboriginal people are stuck in towns and cities like Darwin and Alice Springs and need accommodation immediately.

Overcrowding in communities is preventing proper social distancing
A housing crisis already exists in Aboriginal communities across the country. In the aftermath of COVID-19 relocations and lock downs, some communities are reporting overcrowding in every house, with some dwellings with 20 people or more in a home. The flow of effects of panic buying around the country is creating shortages of food and everyday necessities.

Many Aboriginial Elders are sick, need care or at high risk and unable to isolate
Lockdowns have created an incredibly challenging environment for families to provide adequate care and isolation for sick and the most at risk.

Just days ago the Federal government recommended that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over the age of 50 stay at home and self isolate.

Everybody needs a safe place to self isolate and keep their families healthy. Prime Minister Scott Morrison must release urgent funds so First Nations families, communities and organisations to adequately provide care for people in need.

Sign the petition letter calling for the release of critical funding and establishment of Elders Protected Areas in major towns across the Northern Territory and jurisdictions across the country.

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