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Help fight Origin’s fracking plans!

If Origin Energy fracks the Northern Territory it could release climate pollution equal to 50 new coal-fired power stations.

Origin relies on a clean, green image for it's retail customers. So we need to help expose the truth about the danger that massive methane release poses to our climate and the land and water of remote Aboriginal communities.

Chip in to expose Origin's dangerous fracking plans to their customers with mobile billboards, plane banners, flyers and more as part of the major city Power of Country Tour.
Let's support the Aboriginal Traditional Owners leading the fight to stop Origin from fracking their sacred country — poisoning the land and water, and destroying our climate. Chip in today.
Mobile billboards (that we know Origin hates) - traveling with the 'Power of Country' tour bus as it arrives in major cities like Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney -- including for Origin's Annual General Meeting.

Plane banners - Taking our message to the skies -- with plane banners exposing Origin's unpopular fracking plans.

Tour support - Trucks, speakers and more for a major rally in Sydney for Origin's Annual General Meeting, along with the tour bus and accommodation for the traditional owners taking on Origin.

Legal Support - In case Origin calls out the lawyers again to attack the billboards or the Traditional Owners speaking truth to power.