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Origin have started fracking in the NT

Origin just started fracking in the Northern Territory - this is a climate bomb equal to 22 times Australia's annual carbon pollution.

Campaigning with these frontline communities is a huge, long-term commitment. That's why today we are asking you to make a regular weekly contribution to the Solidarity Fund to support Traditional Owners in their fight against fracking.

We need 500 new members to make a regular weekly donation to support our work. If we hit our goal, we have a real opportunity to sustain ongoing pressure on Origin, their brand, and exposing dirty tactics to shareholders.

Fracking rally in the NT
Crew supporters are the lifeblood of the GetUp movement.

They give an agreed amount through their credit card on a recurring basis — an amount which they have full control over and can manage through a personal online portal.

Will you join the GetUp Crew today?

Your recurring Crew gift will be allocated to our First Nations Justice anti-fracking work.
  • Build Capacity. We'll support Aboriginal communities on the fracking frontlines with training, organising and technology to build campaign capacity to protect their lands, water and sacred country too.
  • Stop the bailouts. We're already running a campaign to stop bailout money for frackers in the federal and Northern Territory budgets - just like we did with Adani.
  • Target Origin. We'll work with Aboriginal communities to target their brand and shareholders at their AGM this year and afterwards. We'll commission artists to paint murals that target their brand outside their HQ, get big-name Aboriginal celebrities to ask questions about the project at their AGM and hold a big colourful action in the Northern Territory.