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Stop the Gas Rorts

Our future is in the hands of the Gas Lobby.

The Morrison Government has put fossil fuel industry cronies in charge of the commission leading the economic recovery. And they could reap huge rewards.

We know the public wouldn't stand for this conflict of interest, if only they knew... So we need to expose it to stop the Gas Rorts once and for all.

We can't let the Gas Lobby kill a renewables-led recovery. Can you chip in for a sweeping advertising campaign now?
With millions in bailouts for the dirty gas industry on the table, a future of clean energy and more jobs can't get the investment it needs.

But we have a plan. And it starts this Thursday. Our movement will launch a public campaign in time for critical Senate Committee hearings, making Gas Rorts politically toxic for the Morrison Government. Can you help make it possible by chipping in now?
If enough of us chip in for our new campaign, we can:

Fight the Power. This Thursday When the Senate spotlight hits Nev Power as he appears before a public inquiry, we'll be there with a large mobile billboard calling out his appalling conflict of interest.

More Billboards! The advertising market is down, which means we can get good placements on billboards in strategic locations calling out this 'gas rorts' scandal. If we publicly discredit the Commission's recommendations, we can stop the gas handouts for good.

New Polling. We'll show the Morrison Government how crony commissions and public handouts for gas companies are bad politics -- and how people want renewables to lead the way.
The Federal Government has gone from sports rorts to gas rorts. They have stacked the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission with executives from the gas industry – and they've wasted no time making a huge push for public funding for unbankable gas projects.1

They're moving fast – hoping to have projects locked down before our MPs have time to realise that it's really gas corporations calling the shots and not our communities. If these projects get the go ahead, it will be devastating for our climate, the equivalent of many new coal fired power stations.

Gas is dirty. Methane emissions from gas production are 84 times more damaging to our climate than carbon pollution.2 That means worsening storms, floods and bushfires, faster destruction of our Reef and species extinction.

Our Government should be looking to renewables and clean energy to ensure an economic recovery that doesn't kill our rivers and harm our communities. A renewable-led recovery means more jobs and a cleaner future.

Can you chip in so we can stop public money bailing out a dying, dirty gas industry?

[1] Coronavirus economic recovery committee looks set to push Australia towards gas-fired future, ABC News,13 May 2020
[2] 'Methane: The other important greenhouse gas', The Environmental Defence Fund, EDF calculation based on IPCC AR5 WGI Chapter 8.