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First Nations' affairs in First Nations' hands

Time and time again, Australian politicians have set their own agenda without consulting First Nations peoples.

While the appointment of Noongar man Ken Wyatt as the Minister for Indigenous Affairs is an important first step, he must be empowered to respond to the needs of First Nations communities.

Because too often, decision-makers on First Nations affairs have no relationship or connection to the First Nations communities they supposedly represent.

First Nations people are seeking a dramatic and urgent change to the relationship between them and Governments. It is a demand for real self determination and empowerment in order to build the solutions that work for their communities.

Can you sign the petition calling for First Nations' affairs to be in First Nations' hands?


Prime Minister Scott Morrison,

Governments, including yours, are failing First Nations communities.

It's time for genuine self determination. We call on you to give back responsibility to First Nations peoples so they can manage their own affairs.

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