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GetUp Achievements


On the 13th of August, 2010 the GetUp community took on the Commonwealth Electoral Act (1918) and won! The High Court has ruled that Howard-era laws that close the electoral rolls on the day that writs for an election are issued are invalid.

The premature closing of the rolls disenfranchised thousands of Australians, and especially young Australians, at the 2007 election and threatened to do so again. During the seven-day enrolment period last allowed at the 2004 federal election, 423,000 people either enrolled for the first time or changed their address or other details. In 2010, the landmark announcement allowed a potential 98 138 extra people to enroll for the 2010 Federal Election.

In the days that followed, the GetUp community had its second win in Australian courts, with the Federal Court ruling that the Australian Electoral Commission must grant the vote to a person who had enrolled using a digital pen via GetUp's OzEnrol website.

These victories remain some of the GetUp community's biggest achievements to date.

Check out GetUp!'s version of the 2010 election - action style!


During the 2010 Federal Election, GetUp members made it possible to flood the airwaves with ads on a variety of issues including climate change policy, refugees and asylum seeker policy, mental health funding and gender equality. Over 7,000 volunteers helped carry out this major campaign. GetUp members were more generous than they had ever been before in chipping in to make sure this ad was on the air in the lead-up to Election Day.

Mental Health Campaign

GetUp launched a campaign in 2010 aiming to bring awareness to and increase funding for mental health. The support for the campaign exploded, resulting in the community retrieving 104,641 signatures in support of the campaign, and a candlelit statement sprawled across the lawn of parliament house. In a huge community success, an extra $2.2 billion was awarded towards mental health in the 2011 Federal Budget. Find out how we won it:

Now You Answer to Us

Here's an old one... In 2005, GetUp burst onto the scene with our inaugural campaign, "Now You Answer to Us"! The GetUp community combined their efforts to send a clear message to the Howard government. Whilst they may have had a Senate majority that could prevent other political parties from holding them accountable, GetUp! could - and we did! "Now You Answer to Us" resulted in a successful advertising campaign and over 50 000 emails sent by GetUp members to elected representatives. See the ad that started it all:

Great Barrier Reef Under Threat

When news came to light that one of our national icons may be under threat GetUp! members rallied together and a petition containing an astounding 101 935 signatures was lodged with UNESCO. This petition was highly influential in Russia at the World Heritage Committee meeting as shown by the passing of recommendations calling on the Australian government to take action by the first of February, 2013. The petition to defend the Barrier Reef grew to over 120,000 signatures before being presented to Environmental Minister Tony Burke. GetUp members continue to fight against the coal and coal mining projects that put our Reef at risk.

It's Time

In 2011, GetUp's marriage equality lovestory "It's Time" went viral and has since had six million views worldwide. Don't take our word for why: watch it for yourself:

Clean Energy Bill

In 2011 the Clean Energy Bill passed into law due, in part, to the tireless campaign efforts of GetUp! members. In order to assure this landmark piece of legislation was passed GetUp! members held rallies, contacted politicians, distributed over 20 000 placards for our front yards, advertised nationally and made sure our voices were heard at public hearings on the legislation. Here's a video from the day the legislation passed in the Senate:

Equal Before the Law

2007 saw the beginning of GetUp's push towards equal rights for all members of the community regardless of their sexual orientation. There was wide media coverage of GetUp's poll which indicated that over 70% of Australians believed same sex couples should be given legal equality in de facto relationships. The GetUp community rallied together with 26 000 members signing a petition to this effect. Despite these efforts the government did not amend the bill. Unphased the community only grew stronger and the petition gained support, rapidly reaching 50 000 signatures! By November 2008 the Senate finally took note. It removed the laws discriminating against same sex couples and gave all Australians equal rights in de facto relationships regardless of their sexual orientation.

Bank on it

The GetUp community joined forces with the well-known and regarded Australian organisation, Choice, to take a stand against bank fees. As a community we fought to remove penalty fees and excessive margins on mortgage rates. The campaign aimed to encourage "greater social responsibility by business and corporations". To achieve this outcome the GetUp community, in conjunction with Choice, backed a class action lawsuit against ANZ. The lawsuit aimed to retrieve $50 million in late fees paid by 27 000 ANZ members over the past 6 years. The fight continues -- read some of the recent news here. GetUp members also raised funds to create a spoof television advertisement of ANZ's Barbara the Bank Manager:

David Hicks

Our campaign to bring David Hicks home spawned from humble beginnings. Initially only a petition, the immense support of our members propelled the campaign to include a Newspoll Survey, television advertising, carbon-offset mobile billboards, full page advertisements in major newspapers, a candlelight vigil and a packed lecture by David's lawyer before he returned home on the 20th of May, 2007. GetUp members also got involved by sending "postcards to the PM" . This initiative saw 10,143 members - or 1 in every 8 residents in the PM's own electorate! - demand action!

Sorry is the First Step

sorry, the first step Over 40 000 GetUp members rallied together, raising more than $272 361 to encourage the government to "say sorry" to Australia's indigenous community. The movement saw a moving candle lit arrangement of the message "Sorry is the first step" laid out across the front lawn of Canberra's parliament house. This symbolic message was reinforced with thousands of GetUp members attending over 350 "Reconciliation GetTogethers" in public halls, living rooms and campfires across the nation.

Ban Live Export Campaign

sorry, the first step After a Four Corners episode shocked the nation the GetUp! community came together and provided a quarter of a million signatures calling for the ban of live export - making it GetUps largest and fastest growing petition ever. It was presented to parliament house in a press conference with the RSPCA, Animals Australia and the Australiasian Meat Industry Employees Union (AMIEU). As a result Julia Gillard immediately suspended live exports to Indonesia.