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We're taking Adani to court again

Bad news: Adani is back.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt just re-approved the mining giant's monstrous Carmichael coal mine.

We've beaten this disastrous project in court once before – and we can do it again now.

We need to throw everything we have at Adani to stop this mine in court. But we can only make it happen if we have enough money to afford the huge amount of research, barristers and legal fees we need to fight the coal giant's mine.

Can you help us fight Adani in court?

We're still working with our movement partners to decide exactly which litgant will take the case. We'll likely be supporting both environment lawyers and conservation groups. We'll keep all donors updated as the case progresses.

We've done it before and we can do it again. We've already helped beat Adani in court twice before. It was a historic victory that reverberated across the world.

But we had a terrible feeling Greg Hunt would re-approve Abbot Point, so we've been consulting with legal experts behind the scenes about the viability of another case. You can never guarentee what happens in court, but we think we will have a strong case for another victory against Adani.

This coal port and mine will devastate our climate, our Great Barrier Reef and our economy. It will spew out more carbon pollution than all the cars, planes and trains in all of Australia.

The coal from the Adani mine will massively increase Australia's contribution to climate change. The port will devastate our Great Barrier Reef. To prevent further damage to our climate we need to keep our remaining coal reserves in the ground. We are already experiencing the impacts of climate change in Australia, with increases in drought, bushfire and other extreme weather events.

This port will mean millions of cubic metres of dredigng in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

We're confident there will be grounds for a strong challenge. But if things change and no case eventuates, we'll happily offer you a full refund.