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Someone wants to silence us. Don't let them.

Someone is trying to silence us.

Our video exposing Adani's atrocious environmental history has been pulled from YouTube and our channel has been downgraded.

It looks like someone with direct business relationship with Adani set up a fake website, uploaded our video, and launched a copyright action claiming our video as their own. That means the video has been taken down, just days after Adani announced it was looking for banks to fund their project.

This is what our video looks like now.

If enough GetUp members chip in now, we can launch a sophisticated online search engine program and integrated ad buy. We'll make sure that every investor, banker or politician who researches Adani sees the video and learns that this company should not be trusted to operate on our Great Barrier Reef.

Use the tool to chip in and join the fight now.

We're working with online advertising experts to target investors, bankers, business partners, and politicians both where they read their news, and any time they research Adani's project online. Every time someone searches "Adani" or "Abbot point" or similar terms, there's a bidding war between advertisers who want their ad displayed.

So if we want to reach potential investors, and show that Adani is not trusted by Australians, every extra dollar beats these people at their own game. Alone, none of us can fight back against a huge company like Adani. But together, we can make sure that everyone knows they should not be trusted with our Reef. Let's do this.