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Fund the fight against Adani

Adani's colossal carbon bomb is ticking and the future of our Reef and climate hangs in the balance.

Adani's CEO, Gautum Adani, was in the country this week being fawned over by PM Turnbull and QLD Premier Palaszczuk, and feted on the front pages of Murdoch newspapers. Now Turnbull is considering giving Adani a $1 billion handout – and Mr Adani says he plans to start digging mid next year.

Now we face our biggest challenge yet. And to win, we need to pull out all the stops. So we're putting together the biggest war chest possible to fund an epic campaign.

Will you chip in to help fund the epic anti-Adani war chest?

Over the next few months, your donation will be used to help:

  • We go hard, and we go local – supporting grassroots groups in marginal seats to bypass the Murdoch media cheer squad, and go direct to the local papers local people actually read. Using local voices and local events, we can spook the hell out of the vulnerable backbenchers that we know Turnbull listens to. No matter what they think about coal, voters hate public handouts to massive multinational corporations. So we bring that message home, where it hurts.

  • We roll out one of our movement's most effective tactics from the 2016 election – razor-sharp online ads targeted directly at swing-voters. We can show marginal MPs real evidence that our campaign's cutting through.

  • We fund investigative research and FOI requests to expose Adani's track record – not just for environmental destruction, but for the kind of behaviour that makes everyone think twice about having anything to do with them – like corruption and tax-dodging.

  • We attack Adani's finance – this time wielding an even bigger stick. We've got a plan to warn the big banks off investing in Adani – or any other coal mine – by helping their most profitable customers walk out the door.

  • And we double down on what we're best at – this is bigger than any one billboard or TV ad, but we'll keep on doing those too.