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Contact the NAIF board

Adani could be about to get its hands on $1 billion dollars of Australian taxpayer money.

Right now the Turnbull Government is preparing to subsidise the destruction of our Reef and climate with a public handout for Adani's rail line to its monstrous Carmichael coal mine.

The government body that could provide Adani with this outrageous taxpayer handout is the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF).

The board of NAIF are considering Adani's application right now and most of the board have extremely close ties to the coal industry. You can bet they'll be under immense pressure from their mates in the coal lobby to make sure Adani get their handout.

Can you contact the board of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility and tell them why you oppose a handout for Adani?

NAIF board member ties to mining industry:

NAIF board members

IMAGE CREDIT: Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Reference: "Off track – why NAIF can't approve the Carmichael Rail Project", Greenpeace, December 2016
It's up to you what to write, but here are some tips:

  • Make it personal. Tell the board members why you want a safe climate and a healthy Reef and how Adani's coal project threatens both.

  • ReachTel polling commissioned by GetUp members shows that a vast majority of people don't see Adani's rail line as a good use of $1 billion in public money.

  • The board should be aware that Adani have a worrying track record of environmental destruction, corruption and human rights abuses. You might want to share some of the recent ABC investigations that have revealed that Adani are facing multiple investigations for financial crimes and corruption, and that the rail line being bankrolled with our money is ultimately owned in the notorious tax haven of the Cayman Islands. Here's some links to the stories:
  1. Adani companies facing multiple financial crime, corruption probes, ABC Online, 22 December 2016
  2. Adani's Galilee Basin complex corporate web spreads to tax havens, ABC Online, 21 December 2016
  • You could also mention that there's at least three mandatory NAIF criteria that Adani's project does not meet:
  1. It will not be of public benefit
  2. It's unlikely to be refinanced or repaid
  3. It cannot proceed without NAIF financial assitstance

Our friends at Greenpeace have written an excellent report on Adani's eligibilty for NAIF funding. Click here if you'd like to have a read.

Email the board of NAIF

Let the board of NAIF know why you oppose government funding going to Adani. We encourage you to use your own words, but if you're not sure what to say there are talking points on the left to help get you started.

Most of all - please remember to be polite! NAIF board members are people too, and they're more likely to listen if you're polite.

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