Ask PM Turnbull to save the Reef!

The Great Barrier Reef is the most beautiful place on earth. And it is under threat.

The mining and burning of coal is causing global warming, which is heating the ocean and bleaching the Reef.

The Reef has lost half its hard coral cover already. This summer it is already suffering from a tragic widespread bleaching event. Our Government needs to stop propping up the destructive coal industry and start rapidly transitioning to 100% clean renewable energy if we want the Reef to survive.

The science is clear -- we can have coal, or we can have coral. But we can't have both.

Can you send Prime Minister Turnbull a powerful message by signing this open letter asking him to choose the Reef not coal?

Dear Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,

Our Great Barrier Reef is one of the most beautiful natural assets on earth, and it needs better protection. The Reef is part of our national identity as Australians and is recognised as a global treasure. The Reef is responsible for 69,000 tourism jobs and brings in $6 billion annually to the Australian economy, and is growing.

Globally coral reefs are experiencing their most prolonged bleaching event ever, and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority have just declared a 'level one incident response' after bleaching was identified over the length and breadth of the Reef.

The science is clear - we can have coal, or we can have coral. But we can't have both. We have to stop mining and burning coal, and instead, invest in renewable energy.

If we continue to mine and burn coal, a major contributor to global warming, we will see more and more bleaching events that could spell the end of our Reef.

Your government continues to push Australia down a high polluting path. Coal exports continue to grow. Coal fired power stations still release millions of tonnes of CO2 into the air, long after their planned decommission dates. And tragically, your government's policies on renewable energy are hampering the growth of a vibrant and growing industry.

The government you lead continues to choose coal over coral against the wishes, and the economic interests, of all Australians.

Will you stand up before Australia and the world to protect the Reef from its greatest threat? Will you transition Australia rapidly to 100% renewable power? If you do, I and the vast majority of Australians will strongly support your decision.

No one owns the Reef. It's up to all of us to pass a healthy Reef on to future generations of Australians on behalf of all humanity. The decision is in your hands.

Yours sincerely,


Will you sign this open letter asking PM Turnbull to save the Reef by rapidly transitioning Australia to 100% renewable energy?

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