Recently we had two incredible bits of news in the ongoing fight to save the Reef. A case funded by GetUp members resulted in Adani's Carmichael Mine being ruled invalid by the Federal Court, and Commonwealth Bank abandoned Adani!

However Prime Minister Tony "coal is good for humanity" Abbott is not happy. He's come out swinging against the thousands of Australans fighting to save the Reef, accusing environment groups of "sabotage", and once again pledging his undying loyalty to the coal industry.1

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Amazing victories like this can only happen thanks to the generous support of GetUp members, who fuel the ongoing fight to protect the Reef. Whether it's sending a film crew to India to investigate Adani's track-record or working to uncover potential legal challenges, a small weekly donation can help make sure we can continue to fight to protect our Reef in strategic and high-impact ways.

With Abbott and the Murdoch press in full-attack mode, your support is more important than ever.

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[1] Carmichael mine: End green sabotage of coal, says Tony Abbott, The Australian, 7 August 2015