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If Prime Minister Abbott and big industry get their way, the stringent environmental approval process currently in place, will become a "one-stop shop" where decision-making powers are handed to state governments and vested interests.

A "one-stop shop" environmental approvals process will allow state governments to make short-sighted decisions that could have permanent, detrimental impacts on the places that make Australia great.

This is not a a scene we want recreated in the future classrooms of Australia. It's up to us to make sure this doesn't happen.

Sophie, Paul, Louis and Sally represent the future generations of Australian children who might not be as lucky as us, if Prime Minister Abbott gets his way.

They might never have the chance to experience the wonders of the Great Barrief Reef, teeming with coral and rare marine life. They might grow up never knowing what it's like to take a bush walk in our national parks without hearing gun shots.

Now you've seen what could be in store for future generations, help tell the rest of Australia before it's too late.

Help get this ad on TV screens around the country.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt has promised to fast-track plans for future development of major coal, iron ore and gas regions surrounding the Great Barrier Reef, in a bid to cut what he calls "green tape".[1]

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman is already agitating the Federal Government in favour of a faster approvals process. In his first phone call with Mr Newman since winning the election, Prime Minister Abbott was told to "get out of the way" in the Galilee Basin, where plans to construct the biggest coal mining expansion in Australian history, are in the works.[2]

In a blatant attempt to stamp out environmental campaigning, the Government is seeking to introduce new laws, which could see environmental conservation groups sued for boycotting companies linked with damaging environmental practices.

As reported by The Australian, the move "could severely hamper market-based campaigns by groups such as Markets for Change and GetUp!"[3]

The Government is scared. They know just how powerful our movement can be when we act together and they want to stop us.

Let's show them exactly who they're dealing with and get this ad on the air.


The EPBC Act gives the Federal Government the power to intervene in "matters of national environmental significance" and overrule decisions made by state governments, which could be detrimental to the environment.
The Government's proposed environmental approval process will see decision-making powers regarding major industrial developments, such as the massive Galilee Basin coal project, handed over to state governments.

The "one-stop shop" approach has been welcomed by state governments and business groups, which is hardly surprising given that in the 2011/12 financial year alone the Queensland Government received more than $2.7 billion in mining royalties.[4]

Removing safeguards from the environmental approvals process could see state governments make short-sighted decisions in favour of big business and profit, but to the detriment of precious environmental assets.

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