Two weeks ago, the Federal Court overturned the approval of Adani's monstrous Carmichael coal mine. It was an historic victory that reverberated across the country, and was funded by thousands of GetUp members.

But Tony Abbott and Attorney General George Brandis have responded with an extraordinary attack on the very laws that just worked against them. Instead of simply following the laws that John Howard himself implemented, the Prime Minister and Attorney General are trying to strip away the rights of everyday citizens and conservation groups to challenge big projects like the Carmichael mine.

Removing our right to challenge big polluters in court would be a terrible outcome for our democracy. We would never be able to contest a project like Adani's in the same way again. But to weaken these crucial environmental laws, Abbott still needs to win the support of crossbench senators.

Can you contact your crossbench senator and urge them not to support Abbott's latest attack on our rights?