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Brightly coloured coral and fish on the Great Barrier Reef

Turnbull schmoozes, while the Reef is dying

Our Great Barrier Reef, the planet's largest living structure, is dying.

Scientists have confirmed the Reef is in a "terminal stage".1 Global warming is making it impossible for the Reef to repair itself after being hit by back-to-back mass bleaching events.

Further inland, Adani's negligence has ruined precious wetlands, where coal from the Abbot Point coal terminal has contaminated the area.2

We are so past the point of outrage. Adani's reckless contempt for the environment and the local community needs to be stopped.

We have a plan to send a strong message to MPs in 12 Liberal-held electorates. Together, we'll have them shaking in their seats so bad, they'll be forced to listen to the concerns of the community.

The plan involves replicating GetUp members' successful 2016 Federal Election strategy. Rolling out strategic ad campaigns in target electorates, and organising our most important resource—people—to hit MPs right where it hurts, in their margins.

Can you chip in today to help fund targeted campaigns in each of these 12 electorates?
GetUp members have already convinced two Coalition MPs to support their constituents and speak out against the ridiculous $1 billion public loan for Adani.3 Together, we'll convince more MPs to speak out, and turn the political tide against this deathly project.

Satellite images contrast the pristine Caley Valley wetlands in 2016. To now, when Adani's coal has completely destroyed it.

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