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Voices for our Reef

The Reef Authority is about to make a crucial decision. Let's get all of Australia on board with a talkback radio blitz.

Before we get start dialling, there are a couple of things to know.

  • Talkback isn't open 24/7. The key windows for talkback are during breakfast (6am-9am), drive (4pm-7pm) and in the evening. But every station does things their own way, so different stations will be taking callers at different times. Make sure you tune in to check whether the station is currently doing talkback before calling. This might mean you have to check in again later today.

  • We've collected the details of some major talkback stations below. Your local program not listed? Don't let that stop you! The list is far from comprehensive and any station you can reach is making a great impact.

  • The more calls that end up on air, the better. Already got through to one program? Brilliant, why not try another station, or call back during a different talkback timeslot? Couldn't get through? No worries, try again later!

Here's how it will work.

  • When you call, you'll most likely speak to someone off-air who deals with callers, who will ask you who are are, where you're from and why you're calling.

  • You can tell them you'd like to speak about this Friday's deadline to protect our Reef waters from millions of tonnes of toxic dredge spoil, or whatever words feel natural to you.

  • Then, if they decide they'd like to have you on the air, you'll be asked to wait on hold for a short while as they get around to you call.

  • Once you're on the air, you can tell them why you're worried about the project, and that the Marine Park Authority must reject the dumping to protect the Reef.

  • You don't need to be an expert to call, just someone who loves the Reef. There are some more talking points attached below to help you if you're stuck for what to say.

Any call you can make between now and Friday morning will help put huge pressure on the Reef Authority. Talkback radio is an incredible tool, and helps reach people who would never otherwise know what's happening to our Reef.

It might sound like a scary thing to do, but the impact you can have is huge. A widespread, coordinated action like this will be an awesome show of force as decision makers make up their minds.

Can you be part of this last opportunity to influence the Reef Authority as they make their decision on the future of the Reef?

  • On Friday, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority will decide whether to allow 3 million cubic metres of toxic dredge spoil to be dumped in Reef waters.

  • If they approve the dumping, sediment will run through the Reef, causing unknown damage.

  • The Reef Authority must reject the project, so the dumping must occur somewhere less damaging.

  • The Reef is thousands of years old, and we shouldn't ruin it for short term profit.

  • People from all over the world want to see our Reef protected.

  • The tourism industry is worried what it will do to their business.

  • The Reef belongs to everyone, not just the mining industry.

  • They have to make a decision without even knowing for sure where the waste would be dumped.

2GB. 837am. Open line: 131 873

2UE. 954am. Open line: 13 13 32

3AW. 693am. Open line: (03) 9690 0693

4BC. 1116am. Open line: 13 13 32

4BH 882am. Open line: (07) 3908 8200

5AA. 1395am. Open line: (08) 8223 0000

6PR. 882am. Open line: (08) 9221 1882

2HD. 1433am. Open line: 13 12 69

2RN. Open line: (02) 8333 2821.

4TO FM. 102.3fm. 13 27 10. (Talkback on Afternoons with Minty, 1-5pm).

4CA. 846am. Open line: 1300 872 911.

Don't let that stop you! Call your local radio station and talk away! Every call GetUp members can make is doing an invaluable job spreading the word!


Call your local talkback radio station to be part of a huge show of support for our Reef.

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