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Stop the Gun Lobby

Peter Dutton is looking at handing the keys to gun regulation to gun corporations.

Our gun laws have kept our communities and our children safe for decades. We can't let Dutton take us down the path of American gun violence.

Reporting in The Guardian says Peter Dutton has not only met with the gun lobby, he is considering a proposal to give them a "seat at the table" in reviewing gun regulations.

The last thing we need is gun importers like Winchester and Beretta deciding what guns get into our country. And once a corporate lobby gets its foot in the door, its power only grows.

So let's slam that door shut now and forever. Sign the 'Petition for Life' to keep the gun lobby's hands off our gun laws.
Thanks to recent reporting in The Guardian, here's what we know.

Tim Fischer, one of the chief architects of Australia's 1996 gun laws, has warned of a "wave" of NRA-inspired lobbying "descending on Australia."1

As proof, the Tasmanian Liberal party quietly promised gun lobby groups it would weaken gun laws in the state election.2

Then last month Dutton met with one of Australia's largest gun dealers and members of the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA).3 SIFA donated to Liberal and National MPs for the 2016 federal election and heavily to minor rightwing parties in last year's Queensland election.4

Dutton is considering their proposal for a "firearms advisory council" that would allow SIFA to "review proposed regulatory changes" to gun laws.5 According to Gun Control Australia, these are essentially "gun lobby thinktanks" within government.6

We can't let Dutton privatise gun policy on our watch.

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Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison,

We stand for life.

Our gun laws have helped keep our communities and our children safe for decades. We refuse to go down the path of American gun violence.

Keep the gun lobby's hands off our gun policy and keep our gun laws strong.

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