Chip in to protect our gun laws A 4Corners report showed gun companies taking politicians on 'shooting trips', amassing a warchest of over $1.2 million,1 and bankrolling political advertising campaigns under other names and issues.2

But when we shine a light on the gun industry, the politicians scatter, because nearly 90% of Australians support the gun laws that are keeping our communities safe.3

That's why we need to support experts at Gun Control Australia to commission a critical report from The Australia Institute to see who is under the thumb of the gun industry.

Will you chip in to help us fund it and to support a public campaign to let people know?

[1] ABC 4Corners, 22 October 2018.
[2] "Australian gun lobby invests in right-wing parties in push to weaken reforms", The Guardian, March 7, 2018.
[3] Essential Report Poll, 27 March 2018