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The future of higher education

The Turnbull Government is inviting students, parents, employers, higher education providers and peak bodies to consult on its proposed changes to higher education – including slashing federal funding and fee deregulation for flagship courses.

Let's leave no doubt in the committee's mind what the community thinks about the Coalition's privatisation agenda for public education. Will you make a submission before the deadline this coming Monday 25 July?

Tips and tricks

Writing your submission to the Government Inquiry is easy. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Keep it short and sweet: Your submission doesn't need to be an essay. A clear, concise paragraph detailing your opinions and background will work best.

  • Introduce yourself: Are you a staff member at a university? A student or parent? Or are you a graduate? Make sure to introduce yourself. This will help contextualise your submission.

  • Concrete examples: Do you have any examples about how fee increases or deregulation would negatively impact you or someone you know? Feel free to touch on your fears for the future of higher education, or pass on insights from friends, family or colleagues.
We've provided some talking points below to get you started, but your submission will have the most impact if it's written in your own words and tells a personal story.

  • Keep higher education affordable: Fee hikes and deregulation will shift costs onto students, reducing access and equity for low- and middle-income Australians. Australia's young people are already facing enormous spikes in cost of living – the last thing they need are growing debt sentences.

  • Funding for universities is an investment in Australia's future: The 2016 Budget is cutting federal funding to universities by 20%. Our universities create workers which fuel our economy and leave us all better off. We need to invest in a 21st century economy for our country's future, by properly funding our higher education sector.

  • Fee deregulation of flagship courses will create a two-tiered system: The proposal to fully deregulate on so-called "flagship courses" is a dangerous step in the direction of a US-style higher education system accessible to only those who can afford it. It will create a two-tier system where only those with the means are able to access courses in elite fields like medicine and law.

Want more detail on the scope of this inquiry? An issues paper was produced to assist participants in preparing a submission to the public inquiry. Check it out.

Write your submission to the inquiry

Please note that all submissions will go to the Government inquiry and will become a matter of public record.

NB: Your details will be added to the bottom of the email sent.