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Tell Morrison: Raise Newstart now!

Three million of us currently live in poverty. We live in a country where single parents skip meals and medicine to make ends meet, and pensioners are targeted with fraudulent robodebt threats. Newstart has been stagnant for 25 years, forcing people locked out of paid work to choose between putting food on the table, or credit on their mobile phones.

But, right now, a growing, bipartisan coalition is putting common sense before party politics and calling for an immediate raise to Newstart.

Liberal backbenchers are publicly speaking out against Scott Morrison's inaction, the National Party has broken ranks to independently examine the benefits of an increase, and the Greens have won a formal enquiry into the payment. Because in a country as wealthy as Australia, no one should be forced to live in poverty.

But we need to show Scott Morrison, that he's not just politically isolated – he's out of touch with everyday people. Will you stand with people locked out of work and sign the petition for an immediate raise to Newstart?

Tell Morrison it's time to raise newstart
People locked out of paid work have to survive on just $39 a day. That's $39 to cover groceries, medication, clothing, electricity, and rent.

In a recent nationwide survey of 67,000 rental properties, Anglicare Australia found only three properties were affordable for a single person reliant on Newstart.2 People can't be expected to find paid work, if they can't even afford to keep a roof over their heads.

This is in part because Newstart hasn't been increased above inflation in 25 years.

Meanwhile, corporate profits have soared, the costs of living have grown, and conservative governments have continued to weaken our social safety net.
Groups and representatives from across the political spectrum are now calling for an increase to Newstart, including The Australian Council of Social Services, The Business Council of Australia, Australian Council of Trade Unions, The Salvation Army, and the Australian Unemployed Workers Union all support an increase.

The Governor of the Reserve Bank agrees an increase in Newstart would be good for the economy. Even former Liberal leaders like John Howard and John Hewson agree the rate of Newstart is too low, and recently Barnaby Joyce has joined the call.

This is not a question of party politics – it's a question of basic decency. In a country as wealthy as Australia: no one should be forced to live in poverty.
The Greens, Andrew Wilkie, and Centre Alliance are all calling to raise Newstart.

The Labor Party is also calling for a raise to Newstart, but are yet to specify the specific amount of the raise.

The Coalition government has rejected the idea of reinforcing our social safety net, and have pushed forward a tax plan that puts banking executives in the same tax bracket as trainee apprentices.6 But prominent party elders like former Prime Minister John Howard, and former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce have now joined the call for an increase to the rate.

In a country as wealthy as ours, poverty should not be a partisan issue. We have the means to raise Newstart, what we lack is the political will.


To Prime Minister Scott Morrison:

People locked out of paid work should never struggle to put food on the table, or be forced to live in poverty.

We demand you unconditionally raise the rate of Newstart, and build a social safety net we can be proud of.

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We need 108,367 more

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