It's crunch time for jobseekers, and it all comes down to the decisions of 8 politicians who sit on the Senate crossbench.

Mr Hockey's brutal cuts to Newstart could go before the Senate this week, with the Senators casting their votes on whether jobseekers under 30 will be forced to wait six months before they receieve income support. If this legislation is passed, it will devastate the lives of young people who find themselves unemployed, leaving them without a cent of assistance of their first six months in need.

Not only will these cuts to Newstart harm our young people, it will also damage the social cohesion of our communtities as tens of thousands of people fall into desperate poverty.

But we still have time to stop this. We know that the Senators on the crossbench are keenly listening to Australians when it comes to the government's unpopular budget. The Palmer United Party declared the Medicare copayment "dead" following a huge public outcry led by GetUp members and health professionals, with Mr Palmer stating his Senators had been "inundated with calls from real Australians".

The more signatures we get on this petition – the greater its influence on the crossbench senators when they cast their vote. Will you add your name to convince the Senate's key decision-makers to stop these cruel cuts?