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Ban Super Trawlers

The Federal Government has just set conditions on the world's second biggest super trawler which could soon be fishing in Australia's waters - but those conditions do little to minimise the impact the super trawler will have on our marine environment and do nothing to address concerns of conservationists and commercial and recreational fishers.

Send a message to Fisheries Minister Joe Ludwig and tell him he must use his powers to take action in 'exceptional circumstances' like this, to ban super trawlers from our waters. Send him an email using the tool on the right.
Here's some things you might want to mention in your email to the Minister when talking about the super trawler:
  • The conditions do nothing to address the concerns of recreational or commercial fishers and conservations in relation to local over exploitation of fish stocks.
  • Most of the conditions are standard for all trawlers - such as management plans for sea birds - but this does not stop protected bird species being caught in the first place.
  • The conditions allow up to 10 seals to be killed every day, if more are killed the a simple 'review' is triggered and the trawler is required to move 50 nautical miles. Trawlers can cover these distances in a few hours and given marine wildlife such as seals, dolphins and turtles are highly mobile this does nothing to protect them.
  • The conditions do not address the flow-on effect of localised depletion of fish stocks on the marine environment or the flow on effects to other marine wildlife who may lose their food source such as penguins, tuna, seals, whales and dolphins.

Email Joe Ludwig

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