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Contact your Liberal MP!

Getting in touch with your MP or Senator should take you less than 10 minutes – and if we all pitch in right now, GetUp members contacting their Liberal leaders could be the difference between backbench MPs or Cabinet Ministers remaining silent in the party room next week, or having the courage to speak up for the equal rights of all Australians.

We've been told that conservative groups are already contacting their Liberal MPs and Senators asking that they uniformly vote "no", so we need to outnumber these voices ten-fold.

For the law legalising same-sex marriage to pass, Prime Minister Abbott must allow his Liberal MPs and Senators a conscience vote on the legislation, allowing them to vote "yes" or "no" depending on what their constituents want.

We are getting so close, we just need to make sure that every MP and Senator knows exactly how important ending marriage discrimination in Australia is to their electorates, so the love we feel in the community can be truthfully represented in our parliament.

Email your MP!

You might like to include a personal story about why this is deeply important to you as a constituent and community member, and something we're willing to fight for.

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