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Let's defend equal love

Tony Abbott and the far right are are trying to stop marriage equality with their hateful postal survey. Let's go to the High Court to stand up for our democracy and protect LGBTIQ people from hate.
The postal survey on marriage equality is:
  • cruel
  • expensive
  • unnecessary
  • and it also could be unconstitutional.
Our friends at the Human Rights Law Centre are filing an urgent case in the High Court in an attempt to stop this postal survey. We only have weeks to stop it, and taking on the government in the High Court takes massive resources.

Can you chip in to defend love and democratic values in the High Court?
Experienced barristers and lawyers at the Human Rights Law Centre are ready to try to stop this in the High Court before the postal survey goes out in just a few weeks time. Your contribution will pay for lawyers, filing and disbursement costs and other costs associated with getting the legal team to and from the high court.
  • No Protections. Because our election laws don't apply, there's no prevention against lies and no protection for LGBTIQ families and their children against anonymous hate -- propelled by a multi-million dollar national campaign.

  • Anonymous Ballots. There will be no personal identifiers on the survey, so no way to know who's filled it out! Experts warn of the huge risk of fraud, because it's not an actual voting process.

  • Gamed for the 'no' vote. It privileges older Australians over younger, who are 75% more likely to complete a postal survey, and the least likely age group to vote for marriage equality.
But if the worst happens, and the postal survey goes forward, we'll also get ourselves to win it -- and stand up against bullying and hatred along the way.