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Stop discrimination against LGBTIQA+ children in schools

Sad student reads in library

***Breaking Update: after tens of thousands of Australians told Scott Morrison NO to discrimination against children, he's told Sky News that schools should not be able to expel students based on their sexuality. This is people power in action! But add your name to the petition to let the PM know that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is never OK***

Papers reveal the Morrison Government could enshrine discrimination against children into law — allowing religious schools to reject students based on their sexual orientation.

Can you imagine the impact on a child? Being bullied by not just one person, but by their school itself? Or the intrusion this would permit into a young person's private life at a critical time of their growth and development?

It's monstrous.

This proposal is being considered by Cabinet right now, but we still have time to stop it, if we speak out in huge numbers. Sign the petition now to protect the rights and safety of our children!

[1] Religious Freedom Panel Recommendation on Religious Schools, ABC News, 10 October 2018


All of us, no matter our gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, should be free from discrimination.

To Prime Minister Scott Morrison: Say no to discrimination against children in schools, and reject the proposed laws allowing religious schools to reject students because of their sexual orientation.

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