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Watch the video, which captures the love that exists between couples all over Australia.

Use this critical moment to contact your MP in support of marriage equality.

The week started at the highest of highs, as celebrations of love, joy and commitment took place all over the Canberra when Australia's first-ever same sex marriage equality laws came into effect. But today, the twenty-seven couples who were wed in the ACT over the weekend, were dealt a cruel blow, as the High Court ruling struck down the ACT's same-sex marriage laws deeming their marriage invalid.

But there's a silver lining: the High Court's judgment today confirmed that ending marriage discrimination is a matter for the Federal Parliament.

Now is our first and most crucial moment to tell MPs and Senators we're backing them to make marriage equality a reality.

We know the tide is turning in support of marriage equality.

Already, there's restlessness within Prime Minister Abbott's party room to grant a free vote on marriage equality. Just yesterday, Liberal Senator Sue Boyce joined with the Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and Labor Senator Louise Pratt, in announcing a cross-party working group to call for a conscience vote on marriage equality. If successful, it could be the first time our federal MPs can vote freely on whether to allow equal love.

We know there's a will for marriage equality in the Australian community. Now, let's pave the way.

Contact your MP and ask them to back a free vote, and a vote in favour of equal love.


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Ask your MP to support equal love

When our political leaders look back on this moment in history, let's make sure they remember the stories, couples, and families our laws let down. Use this moment to remind them of all that our country could be.

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