Malcolm Turnbull – it's time for marriage equality now!

Dear Mr Turnbull,

We elected our government to make fair decisions, in the best interest of all Australians.

A decisive majority of Australians support marriage equality. We want our LGBTI family members, friends, and neighbours to all be treated equally under the law.

Your government has the ability to legislate for marriage equality right now.

Holding a plebiscite on same-sex marriage is unnecessary, exorbitantly expensive and risks being a $158 million dollar public opinion poll.

Senators from your own government have confirmed they will ignore the result of any successful plebiscite - making this whole expensive exercise pointless.

Mental health experts are concerned a plebiscite be extremely damaging to vulnerable young members of our communities.

A recent Senate Committee into the best way forward for marriage equality recommended a legislative end to marriage discrimination as soon as possible.

The longer we allow marriage discrimination to continue, the more we send a signal to our community that not all Australians are equal under the law.


Prime Minister Turnbull,
please end marriage discrimination and let love win.
Allow a free vote on marriage equality legislation in Parliament as soon as possible, and abandon Tony Abbott's pointless plebiscite.

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