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A new bill being championed by a group of NSW MPs could make marriage equality law in NSW by the end of the year, but they need our support to help make it happen.

We have until Friday to flood the NSW Parliament with submissions in favour of marriage equality and show the decision makers why all love should be recognised and honoured equally in law. We'll personally deliver all of the submissions to the MPs at NSW Parliament on Friday.

The most effective submissions explain how marriage equality would affect you, your family, friends, and community. The best way to do this is to share a personal story about marriage equality. If you're stuck there are talking points below that you could include in your submission.

Can you take a minute now to write a personal submission to NSW Parliament using the handy tool on the right?

  • I support state laws allowing same-sex couples to marry, given the failure of the federal parliament to act.
  • Marriage equality has majority community support, with 62% of Australians and 81% of young Australians (18-24 years of age) in favour of mariage equality (Galaxypoll 2012).
  • Marriage equality is already law in 10 countries around the world, many U.S. states and earlier this month a marriage equality bill was overwhelmingly supported in the U.K. House of Commons.
  • There will be economic as well as social benefits for the first state to act, and similar legislation has been introduced in Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.
  • I commend the Bill for making it clear that intersex people will be able to marry.