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Protect the ABC: Email your MP

Next Tuesday, before the budget is announced, GetUp members will be gathering in Canberra for a loud, proud, visual event in support of the ABC's continued funding. MPs and Senators are invited to join GetUp members there to see the hand-written messages of thousands of Australians about why they want our ABC protected, and accept a 247,000+ strong petition.

Your MP is invited to join us on the lawns - can you write and ask them to fight for a fully-funded ABC, and accept the petition on behalf of your electorate on the lawns of Parliament at 11am on budget day?

Looking for inspiration? Here are some amazing quotes from GetUp members whose messages will be on the lawns this Tuesday:

"it's an invaluable link for young people in rural areas" - Chris, NSW
"It's my heritage" - Lachlan, QLD
"A strong, healthy, creative democratic Australia MUST have a strong, healthy, creative national broadcaster." - Steven, NSW
"It has our back. Progressive, ground-breaking...and feels like home." - Diana, WA
"The ABC promotes Australian music and original content more than any other institution." - Mandy, Victoria
"A viewpoint that does not answer to anyone but the people of Australia is a vital part of our democracy." - Judith, NSW

Write to your MP here

Use this form to send a quick email to your MP, and ask them to stand up for the ABC in Parliament and in the party room.

You might also like to invite them to show their support in person by joining GetUp members on budget day - Parliament Lawns, 11am for a petition delivery and press event.

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