As Chair of the ABC Board, Justine Milne should have protected ABC journalism from political interference, not lead the charge. But explosive leaks have revealed that Milne was effectively acting as an agent of the Turnbull government. In recent times he:

  • Tried to "get rid of" respected senior reporter Emma Alberici – after her reporting put the government's corporate tax handouts under scrutiny.
  • Told the ABC Managing Director to "shoot" ABC Political Editor Andrew Probyn, after Probyn criticised the government's choice of date for the July by-elections.
  • Attempted to stop Triple J from moving their popular Hottest 100 countdown from Australia day - because "Malcolm will go ballistic".
An independent ABC is a cornerstone of our democratic system. But all of the current Board members were appointed by the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government, even though some of them were rejected by the merit-based panel.

We need a strong, independent ABC Chair to stamp out government interference. To get that, we need a massive public outcry demanding independence for our ABC.

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