Because of government funding cuts, beloved ABC programs, services and jobs have been cut or are on the line:2

  • Fewer episodes of Four Corners, Foreign Correspondent and Australian Story
  • Thousands of jobs lost, including another 250 staff to lose their jobs this year with 70 from the News Division
  • The flagship 7.45am radio news bulletin will be axed, along with ABC Life, the ABC Comedy Channel, and more...
The good news? Public opinion is on our side, with the vast majority of Ausralians opposing budget cuts.3

We know that if all those people joined the movement, the Coalition Government would be unable to sweep the issue under the rug and further cuts would become politically untenable.

So can you sign on to demand the Government reverse funding cuts and fully fund our ABC?

[1] 'ABC loses $783m funding since 2014 when Coalition made its first cuts – report', The Guardian, 4 May 2020
[2] 'Latest $84 million cuts rip the heart out of the ABC, and our democracy', The Conversation, 24 June 2020
[3] 'Australians overwhelmingly oppose ABC budget cuts', ABC Friends, 1 June 2020