Big advertisers, like Qantas, Woolworths and Westpac, won't want their brands linked with dangerous and unpopular climate denial. Especially since for the first time ever, Australian's care more about the environment than any other issue.2

And yet, it is with these brands' support that climate denialism continues - it's kept alive by revenue fed to the Murdoch Press by advertisers.

But The Australian - their key national newspaper - relies heavily on advertising. And so when the advertisers start standing up, the Murdoch Press will listen.

Can you chip in for our own advertising blitz, to make sure these big advertisers give the Murdoch Press the hard word about their bent coverage.

[1] Warming is good for us, Herald Sun, 27 January 2020 [2] Environment now trumps economy on Australian list of biggest worries, The Sydney Morning Herald, 22 January 2020