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Media Releases - August 2016

Media Release, 31August 2016

Apple to pay some tax. Finally.

GetUp is today demanding that Australia's corporate database be made freely accessible to journalists, academics and civil society organisations, in response to the European Commission's historic ruling on Apple's tax affairs.

Apple's net profit margins in Australia are typically 75% lower than the corporation's global margins. Apple paid just 1.2% tax on $6 billion in Australian revenue in 2013-14.

Natalie O'Brien said this latest multinational tax scandal comes at a time when our government is trying to sell off a key piece of Australia's corporate transparency infrastructure – the ASIC corporate database.

"Today's historic ruling is a warning shot to a government who is, right now, trying to sell off Australia's corporate database.

"The ASIC corporate database has been central to efforts to track down multinational tax dodgers like Apple.

"In fact, earlier this year, GetUp used the ASIC database to reveal that Apple pays a lower effective tax rate than your average nurse.

"Australia has some of the most expensive corporate data in the world – making it extremely costly for journalists, academics and groups like ours to scrutinise the tax affairs of multinationals operating in Australia.

"The Apple tax ruling is proof that we need more transparency, not less. The ASIC database needs to be made freely accessible to all, and remain firmly in public hands.

"The staggering €13 billion in tax dodged shows that everyday people are paying an enormous price for shady multinational tax deals. Money siphoned offshore is revenue that cannot be invested locally, in our schools and hospitals.

"All I can say is, it sure is great that Treasurer Morrison has started a national conversation about the 'taxed' and the 'taxed-nots'", Ms O'Brien said.

Apple used a tax dodging strategy called the 'Double Irish with Dutch Sandwich'. This sees Apple subsidiaries sell products to one another at prices so high that they make no commercial sense.

See the full GetUp report here:

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Media Release, 26 August 2016

George set to sell out solar workers to score cheap political points

The Coalition's hard-right hit men are set to throw solar jobs on the scrap heap in order to score cheap political points in Canberra.

A massive solar renewable energy boom is underway in Queensland, but it could be held back by attempts to cut the body responsible for investment in the cutting edge industries of the future, said GetUp! today.

Miriam Lyons, Environmental Campaign Director said the hard-right of the Coalition wants to abolish the renewable energy agency ARENA.

"By cutting over $1 billion from ARENA, Turnbull is savaging opportunities for regional jobs growth in Queensland.

"All through the campaign to protect the Great Barrier Reef from rapid industrialisation, Mr Christensen claimed to be concerned about jobs. Well, he should be standing up for the 500 jobs in his own electorate that depend on ARENA funding.

"Clearly Mr Christensen is more concerned with interests of multinational coal companies, not the interests of people who could be employed in solar.

"Analysis released earlier this week by the Australian Conservation Foundation showed that 2,695 jobs could be created in Queensland solar projects currently being considered by ARENA.

"ARENA grants enable entrepreneurial projects to combine government and private finance to develop innovative cutting edge technology.

"New projects in Michelle Landry's electorate of Capricornia would yield around 600 jobs, and around 300 in Dawson with the proposed Kelsey Creek projects. Dawson will also benefit from 200 jobs created in the Clare solar project near Ayr.

"The renewable energy industry is standing at a crossroads. The LNP's hard-right hit men want to drive renewable energy out of town and all the jobs and economic benefits that go with it."

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Media Release, 25 August 2016

40,000 Australians stand with journalists to rebuke govt plans to put the corporate database under corporate control

The Turnbull Government's has been working behind closed doors to privatise Australia's corporate registry. The move has been met with outrage from nearly 40,000 Australians in under 48 hours, who have signed onto a petition to stop the sell off.

This comes a matter of days before the period for tender bids to operate the registry is set to close, on 29 August. The Government intends to privatise the registry, putting millions of corporate financial records under corporate control.

Economic Campaigns Director Natalie O'Brien said the sell off jeopardises the ability of journalists and academics to conduct investigations into the illicit and unethical activities of business.

"This is an all-out attack on corporate transparency and the ability of journalists to hold the private sector accountable.

"Australia already pays some of the highest fees in the world to access corporate data. Journalists and academics routinely run out of money to purchase more financial statements to properly investigate a particular company or industry.

"If the database is run by a for-profit corporation, not only will it entrench this abysmal status quo, we'll see costs rise, and additional access barriers may be created. That means less transparency, less corporate accountability," she said.

The register provides journalists with the records they need to investigate tax dodging, labour exploitation, human trafficking, money laundering, financing terrorism, commercial online child sexual abuse, illicit arms trading, fraud, embezzlement and bribery. It has been central to efforts to expose the tax dodging habits of private companies.

"In less than 48 hours, 40,000 Australians have joined the campaign to stop the sell off. Our members are determined to protect journalists' ability to investigate corporate wrongdoing.

"Everyday people know that corporations need more scrutiny, not less. Otherwise we are all the poorer," said Ms O'Brien.

The ASIC Registry is a national database where corporations in Australia file their business names, histories, financial records and ownership. It is owned and operated by the corporate regulator, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

See the petition:

For more information please call Kirsti Gorringe on 0431 047 358

Media Release, 24 August 2016

Yarra Council unanimously passes policy refusing business with immigration detention companies

Yarra City Council became the first Council in Victoria to vote against contracting or investing in any company involved in Australia's offshore and onshore immigration detention centres.

Matthew Phillips GetUp's Human Rights Director welcomed the decision to pass a motion excluding companies from profiting from the abuse of people in detention from future contract, tenders or businesses with anyone associated with offshore detention camps.

"Yarra Council is the latest to join the growing No Business in Abuse campaign, which is calling on Councils across Australia to end their involvement with companies that profit from and are complicit in abuse in offshore detention.

"People are appalled by the ongoing reports of abuse in the offshore centres especially and calling on their local Councils to commit to refuse to associate with this practice.

"Profiting from this abuse is unacceptable and presents a legal, financial and reputational risk to the companies involved.

"The impact of these sorts of actions can be seen in the legal, reputational and financial costs born by Transfield / Broadspectrum.

"Yarra joins six other local government authorities, including the City of Sydney, in refusing to do business with Ferrovial's Broadspectrum, and its subcontractor on Manus Island and Nauru, Wilson Security.

"The growing No Business in Abuse movement continues to demonstrate that Ferrovial, the Wilson Group that they must choose between involvement in an abusive detention regime and a profitable business model.

Misha Coleman, Yarra City Councillor said:

"This new policy also includes a whole raft of measures that will ensure everything from our banking services to our building contracts are viewed according to whether companies we contract act ethically in their day-to-day business, before we contract them".

"The raft of measures, including signing up to the No Business in Abuse pledge, were initiated by Greens Councillor Misha Coleman and Socialist Councillor Steve Jolly, and ultimately, were supported by all Councillors.

"The campaign will now focus on Ferrovial, the Spanish - and will again follow the money and make sure that detention camps are a 'sin stock', just like the trade in arms and tobacco".

For more information please call Adrian Dodd on 0401726476

Media Release, 23 August 2016

Morrison bends to hard right on super, at the expense of working families

GetUp members will call on their Government MPs to show some spine against the hard-right and stop wasteful superannuation handouts to the wealthiest Australians.

This follows a Coalition party room meeting yesterday, where Scott Morrison indicated that he is likely to give ground on the $500,000 lifetime cap on after-tax super contributions.

Campaigns Director Natalie O'Brien said Scott Morrison is appeasing the far right of his party, at the expense of working families.

"Treasurer Scott Morrison has capitulated to the far-right of his party and is protecting onshore tax havens for the richest Australians.

"Determined to serve the interests of wealthy backers, the hard right are exploiting the government's wafer-thin majority to hold hostage the best decision out of this year's budget.

"Mr Morrison himself says his modest reforms will only impact the top 4% of income-earners. Meanwhile, he is cutting the clean energy supplement – a policy that helps pensioners, single mothers and working families afford their electricity bills.

"Handouts for the rich are coming at the cost of taking from those who can least afford it. It's pretty clear whose interests are being served by this government.

"Today, thousands of people will write to their Coalition MPs to demand more reform on super, and show that the Australian public won't stand by while the hard-right hijack our new parliament.

"Hundreds more will chip in to run Facebook ads to inform voters whose interests are being served.

"A vast majority of Australians understand that super was designed to provide a standard of living in retirement. They want to see an end to onshore tax havens and the revenue invested in our schools and hospitals", she said.

For more information please call Kirsti Gorringe on 0431 047 358

Statement by Sally Rugg, GetUp Marriage Equality

GetUp members stand with the LGBTQIA+ community to demand a parliamentary free vote on marriage equality before the end of the year.

Ending marriage discrimination will send the message to LGBTQIA+ people young and old that their identity, their relationships and their families are valid, valuable, and recognised as equal under the law.

A staggering 75% of the general public oppose a plebiscite once they're made aware of the $160 million price tag, and that's because they know it's completely unnecessary. (Galaxy poll July 2016, commissioned by PFLAG)

Malcolm Turnbull could allow a free vote on marriage equality within weeks, and someone like me could get married by the end of the year. Instead, he's beholden to a handful of Abbott-loyal backbenchers who are calling the shots. It's politics at it's worst, and the absence of leadership from Malcolm Turnbull on this issue has real, human consequences.

The draft question for the plebiscite also excludes intersex people and people without a binary gender identity, through the prescriptive wording "same-sex couples" . The LGBTQIA+ community already oppose the plebiscite, and we firmly reject a question that explicitly excludes members of our community.

Please call Kirsti Gorringe for more information 0431 047 358

Media Release, 18 August 2016

Corporations policing corporations – what could go wrong?

GetUp has announced today that it will launch a campaign to stop the Federal Government from privatising a key piece of Australia's corporate transparency infrastructure – the ASIC corporate ownership registry.

The database contains over ten million records of corporate financial data from over two million companies, including business names, histories, financial records and backgrounds of directors. It is used by investigative journalists, advocacy groups, academics and law enforcement agencies and private investigators.

GetUp Campaigns Director Natalie O'Brien said the database is a critical tool for enforcing corporate accountability, from ousting corporate tax dodgers to exposing labour exploitation.

"The Turnbull Government is recklessly handing the reins of corporate accountability over to the private sector.

"The risks are huge. This could make it easier for corporations to conceal all sorts of criminal activity: human trafficking, money laundering, bribery and corruption. The sell off could see investigations into corporate financial affairs could become a thing of the past.

"It certainly begs the question: is Turnbull too close to business? I mean, who in their right mind would trust the Big Banks to regulate themselves?

"The Turnbull Government made a big show of their corporate tax crackdown in this year's budget. All the while, they've been plotting to sell off the corporate database, which will undermine new transparency requirements.

"The Government has failed to provide any compelling reason for the sell off, or reassurances about how the data will be kept accurate and accessible once it is under corporate control.

"Today we are launching a full scale public campaign to inform people of the risks and fight to keep Australia's corporate database in public hands.

"With scandals coming out every other day about the Big Banks or rampant multinational tax evasion, it's clear corporations already have too much power and this will set them up to play by their own rules", she said.

GetUp's announcement follows an open letter released today by the Tax Justice Network Australia, signed by scores of organisations including GetUp, warning of the dangers of privatisation.

For more information please call Adrian Dodd on 0401726476

Media Release, 18 August 2016

Price-gouging gas companies ripped off wholesale customers and sparked an anti-renewable propaganda campaign

Further revelations about money hungry energy companies indicate that last month's massive price spike was caused by effectively withholding gas and jacking up the price by $1,700 to $8,500 per MWh, are within a new report commissioned by GetUp.

The price spikes led to an anti-renewable propaganda campaign, and were the pretext for this Friday's emergency COAG Energy Council meeting.

A new report commissioned by GetUp from independent energy economist Bruce Mountain, provides a smoking gun on gas and diesel company price-gouging. It shows how on July 7, when the interconnector between South Australia and the Eastern States was undergoing maintenance, big gas companies had plenty of spare capacity up their sleeves, but put up prices as if supply was scarce.

Miriam Lyons, GetUp's Environmental Justice Campaign Director, said these companies held their customers to ransom, allowing their owners to rake in astronomical profits.

Despite that, fossil fuel lobby groups blamed renewable energy for a price rise that was clearly caused by a handful of gas companies with too much market power. The outrage led to this Friday's "emergency" COAG meeting.

"Too many people swallowed the fossil fuel lobby's lies. This report shows that the whole misinformation campaign was a con job, framing renewable energy for behaviour that Enron would envy.

"During the so-called crisis, gas and diesel generators had almost 1,000MW of spare capacity. There was no reason to charge like a wounded bull.

"These suppliers could have charged far less and still made a hefty profit. Instead, they were the greediest guys in the room. Generators were charging anywhere from $1,700 to $8,500 more than would be expected in a competitive market.

"The fact that they held out for astronomically high prices when they still had plenty of spare capacity shows that the market is failing to deliver the competition needed to protect consumers' interests," said Ms Lyons.

"Collectively, generators raked in $46 million over just 8.5 hours on July 7: $39 million more than you'd expect in a competitive market.

"This shows that the answer to South Australia's problems is not more gas, but more competition. Supporting cleaner suppliers of on-demand energy - like concentrating solar thermal in Port Augusta - would be far better for consumers, and for the planet.

For more information please call Kirsti Gorringe on 0431 047 358

Media Release, 16 August 2016

$425 bucks a year for nothing: new report reveals how much South Australians are getting ripped off by big energy companies

The Big Three retailers are slugging South Australian families hundreds of dollars a year more than they charge their customers in other states, a new report commissioned by GetUp has revealed.

AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia are charging South Australians a $650 mark-up every year - around twice what their customers are paying for the cost of actually generating the electricity.

"If a family moved from Adelaide to Canberra, they would save $425 every year in unnecessary retail charges, because the ACT does a good job of regulating what retailers can charge their customers" said GetUp's Environmental Justice Campaign Director Miriam Lyons.

The report, commissioned by GetUp and written by Bruce Mountain, reveals the hidden costs of AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia's stranglehold on the retail market.

Lyons said "The 'Big Three' have been exploiting their power in the market, and South Australian families in particular are getting ripped off.

"Many South Australians are just keeping their head above water, and they shouldn't be being ripped off by companies who are taking advantage of their oligopoly position to rake in massive profits.

"This has huge impacts for people struggling to pay unaffordable energy bills. Further lining the pockets of energy execs comes at the expense of Australian families."

"Companies like AGL, Origin and Energy Australia are big enough that they should be able to undercut new entrants to the market - instead the new players are much cheaper and the big guys have been able to overcharge customers whatever they want. How is that, after deregulation, retail charges went from next to nothing to a huge 38% slice of the average customer's bill?

"When this kind of behaviour was revealed in the UK, there was a huge public outcry - yet their retail charges are a fraction of what the Big Three charge here.

For more information please call Kirsti Gorringe on 0431 047 358

Media Release, 11 August 2016

Fretters gunna fret: Cherry-picking AEMO report misses massive opportunities for more renewable energy investment

AEMO's latest Statement of Opportunities highlights the opportunities for investment in on-demand renewables and storage to complement cheap, variable energy from wind and solar.

Reports in today's news exaggerate the technical challenges involved in the transition to renewable energy and overlook the massive benefits and opportunities of a clean energy future.

"Even without the federal government's pathetically unambitious targets to reduce carbon pollution, we'd need a plan for replacing Australia's ageing and unreliable fleet of coal-burning power stations with clean renewable energy and storage" said Miriam Lyons GetUp's Environment Justice Director.

"As AGL's Tim Nelson has noted, 75% of Australia's coal-burning power fleet has already passed its design life.

"AEMO's 2013 report showed that the challenges of transitioning to 100% renewable power are surmountable. And modelling from many others, including Dr Sven Teske and others at UTS, shows the economic benefits of a well-planned transition to 100% renewable energy."

"Today's AEMO report shows that we'll need additional investment in a variety of technologies to maintain the reliability of the system as our oldest and dirtiest coal-burning power plants are shut down. We already knew that, but politicians who have been in the pockets of big power companies for too long need probably need reminders such as this to get on with the job and plan for the transition instead of resisting it.

"Industry spokesman Matthew Warren seems wilfully blind to the frequency control services which can be provided 24/7 by clean energy technologies such as concentrating solar thermal with storage, pumped hydro, flywheels and batteries.

"Those companies with vested interests in coal are currently seeking to throw shade over the future, but for the rest of us, solar, wind, concentrating solar thermal and storage are very exciting.

"It's really important to separate those worried about their interests, and trying to hold us back, and the vast majority of Australians who know the future looks very bright if we phase out coal quickly and rapidly invest in renewables.

"As demonstrated in the Homegrown Power Plan, the benefits included better health, cheaper energy, more employment and stripping back some of the excessive power of big power companies. And that's exciting," said Miriam Lyons.

For more information please call Adrian Dodd on 0401 726 476

Media Release, 10 August 2016

We have to bring them here: files from Nauru show systemic abuse, cover ups

Critical incident reports from Nauru detailing systemic abuse and torture of children provide further evidence that the offshore detention centres must be emptied of vulnerable people seeking safety in Australia, and the people brought here immediately to begin rebuilding their shattered lives.

Shen Narayanasamy, the Human Right Director at GetUp said people have been subject to widespread abuse for years, and they deserve justice and a life of safety outside these abusive black-sites.

"The scale of this abuse detailed in these files is gutting. Over half of the incident reports involve children. There's details of gross physical and sexual abuse inflicted by guards.

"It's worse than we previously knew. But really one abuse is too many. Here we see report after report of the most awful and disgusting abuse.

"We hear platitudes from the government which have no basis in fact, and companies willing to profit from this industrial level of abuse. It must end.

"We cannot allow anyone, let alone children, to remain in these camps. We must bring them to Australia immediately.

"Australia pays $1.2 billion per year to keep these camps open. Lawyers from Stanford University believe companies operating these camps could be guilty of crimes against humanity.

"Australia can bring these people here and end this abuse. These files reveal the abuse is far worse than has previously been reported.

"This policy of abusing children and other vulnerable people is disgusting, it's gutting and it must end," said Ms Narayanasamy.

For more information please call Adrian Dodd on 0401 726 476

Media Release, 8 August 2016

The Australian Government's decision to force an unwilling company to keep operating its offshore centres, indicates the chaos in its offshore detention regime

Shen Narayanasamy, Human Rights Director GetUp said:

Earlier this year, Spanish company Ferrovial outlined their intention to end its operations in the detention centres after contracts expired in February 2017. Ferrovial's own banker, BBVA, emailed the No Business in Abuse campaign to state that they welcomed Ferrovial's decision to exit the camps.

However Ferrovial has just announced the Government had exercised its option to extend the contract until October 2017, effectively forcing Ferrovial to continue operating the camps.

The Government is simply running out of options. Clearly no other company is willing to take on the offshore detention contracts, so the Government has had to force Ferrovial to continue in the camps.

The No Business in Abuse campaign recently released a report which received coverage across Europe calling on Ferrovial to walk away from the camps. Last week, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International released a further report which named the companies involved in the detention centres as complicit in the gross human rights abuses in the centres.

"Ferrovial is under unprecedented global pressure to exit these camps," said Ms Narayanasamy, "Abuse is bad for business, and toxic to any company's reputation. Nobody reputable business wants to touch these camps now."

Today's development comes after the Australian government failed to turn up to the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea who last week demanded the Australian government immediately find resettlement plans for detainees on Manus Island.

The Turnbull government's entire policy of offshore detention camps sit on increasingly shaky ground.

It's time to start finding alternatives to offshore detention camps which abuse people, detain them indefinitely and are extremely expensive.

The Australian Government has questions to answer:

Why is it extending the contract when Ferrovial indicates that it is unwilling to continue?

How will it run the camps with no company willing to take on the contract?

Why is it extending the contacts on Manus Island when the government there is demanding resettlement plans for people currently trapped there?

Is the government currently planning to open a new tender process for once the current contract expires?

More info call Adrian Dodd on 0401 726 476

Media Release, 8 August 2016

Pressure on Hazelwood owners as lending to coal dries up

After news that ANZ will no longer lend to Hazelwood - Australia's dirtiest power station - GetUp has warned we need an urgent plan to transition to renewables that protects communities, workers and the environment.

This morning community members gathered outside the offices of one of the owners of Hazelwood, Japanese company Mitsui, calling for the closure of Hazelwood and its replacement with renewable energy.

In May this year, majority owner ENGIE flagged the possibility of closing the controversial power station. However Mitsui has remained silent on the issue. Talks on the future of the power stations are rumoured to be taking place this week.

Ellen Roberts, campaigner with GetUp said, "ANZ's decision to abandon Hazelwood is the start of the exit from the coal industry. But we don't want dirty energy companies leaving workers and communities stranded. Government has a responsibility to ensure that this transition is orderly to protect people and the environment.

"The era of coal fired power stations is over. Now the Turnbull government needs to put an orderly plan for closing coal-burning power stations on the agenda at COAG next week or risk chaos for communities, consumers and workers," said GetUp! today.

"Right now, the owners of Australia's most polluting coal-power stations are hanging on, seeking to eke out the last bits of money from their tired and dirty enterprises. But the writing's on the wall.

"Renewable energy is finally giving them some much-needed competition. That's great for the planet, it's great for consumers, it's great for employment, and it's great for anyone whose health has suffered from living next to one of these ageing clunkers.

"But we don't want to see the companies who own these plants just hit the switch and walk out, leaving the taxpayers, community, workers and the local community paying the costs.

"Unless a plan is put in place ahead of time, coal companies and the government can just abandon coal workers and communities. That's what happened in Port Augusta, and we don't want to see that happen again."

For more information please call Kirsti Gorringe on 0431 047 358

Media Release, 4 August 2016

GetUp hits back at fossil fuel lobbyist's war on renewables

GetUp is mobilising an army of supporters and members to fight back against the power of the fossil fuel lobby's' scare campaign against renewable energy, which threatens to increase power costs and slow the inevitable transition to renewable energy.

Members will chip in to fund energy experts to investigate the way power companies have price-gouged and show how the companies have ripped off consumers to defend their dirty assets.

Thousands of people have already written to their State Energy Ministers, demanding that they speed up the transition to renewable energy, not slow it down.

Miriam Lyons, Environmental Justice campaign director, said GetUp members wanted more renewables and were concerned how much power the coal and gas industry has over government.

"Major polluting companies have taken advantage of the interconnector being down between South Australia and the Eastern States and the lack of competition in the market to ramp up power prices.

"Our members and supporters have seen this scare campaign, and want to make sure people understand that the source of these problems is a lack of competition between the big energy companies and their huge profit margins. They know the answer is more competition from renewables, not less.

"To cover their butts, the coal and gas industry has been running a scare campaign against renewable energy, because every time someone puts a solar panel on their roof they lose money.

"The only people that benefit from pushing up power prices are the executives of the big polluting power companies. There's good reason that people hate big power companies even more than they hate big banks.

"And we can see the influence of their scare campaign over government, as Energy and Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg rushed to call an emergency COAG meeting of energy Ministers.

"Well hundreds of thousands of Australians have written to their energy ministers demanding that they put renewables first.

"Renewables make power cleaner, cheaper and more reliable, as we've shown in the landmark Homegrown Power Plan", said Ms Lyons.

"Our members are determined to guard against the kind of job-destroying attacks on renewables that we saw during the darkest days of the Abbott government.

For more information please call Kirsti Gorringe on 0431 047 358

Media Release, 3 August 2016

We can't keep hanging them from the gate: PNG demands resettlement plans as yet another report details extreme abuse in Australian government camps

All people currently in Australia's unlawful offshore detention camps should be removed from the camps and immediately resettled in Australia after the PNG camp has been declared illegal and a new report details more widespread and systematic abuse of vulnerable people on Nauru.

GetUp! is also calling on the government to end its plans of sending people back to offshore detention camps, and signalled that it is currently building a mass movement to prevent people being deported.

A new report released today by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch details the abuse being inflicted upon asylum seekers in Nauru, including that every person seeking asylum had suffered abuse or violence while on Nauru.

Yesterday, the PNG government demanded Australia prepare resettlement plans for all people on Manus Island, as the camp there was recently declared illegal.

Matthew Phillips, Human Rights Campaign Director at GetUp said the camps must be emptied and all the people seeking safety should be brought to Australia.

"In Manus, the government has declared the camps illegal. In Nauru, report after report has found that Nauru is the site of sustained, widespread and systematic abuse for people who seek safety.

"The report from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch International finds that "every asylum seeker interviewed reported intimidation, harassment and violence."

"The Australian Government explicitly sought to justify the abuse of these most vulnerable people and the report makes it clear once again that the people in the camps should be brought to Australia immediately.

"Australia's disgraceful policy of essentially hanging people from our border as a deterrent is medieval. It's a waste of human life, a waste of money and the solution is simply to bring these people to Australia and allow them to begin rebuilding their lives.

"This report confirms what all the other reports have said before it. We know we prolong the horror of people who have suffered so much. We know people are being sexually abused, suffering violence and extreme levels of harm.

"And we know that the Australian Government has no plan, but sending people to places where they will continue to suffer. The should bring them here, and for people already in Australia, they should let them stay.

"The government's abusive detention regime is looking increasingly unviable. Malcolm Turnbull must demonstrate leadership, by bringing those currently imprisoned there to Australia " said Mr Phillips.

For more information please call Kirsti Gorringe on 0431 047 358