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Media Releases - July 2016

Media Release, 20 July 2016

GetUp calls for meeting with Senator Matthew Canavan

GetUp calls for meeting with Senator Matthew Canavan to explain excitement of renewables and naive support for Adani's coal mine

GetUp has invited new Resources Minister Matthew Canavan to meet with members to discuss his views on the Adani coal mine and Australia's renewable potential.

"Our members would be delighted to explain why renewable energy is Australia's most exciting resource, and why pinning our hopes on Adani's mega-mine is naive" said Miriam Lyons from GetUp.

"After 11 leading international banks have refused to fund Adani's coal mine, it's baffling that Senator Canavan still sees it as 'an exciting opportunity'," said Lyons.

"His comments show callous disregard for all the tourism workers who depend on the Great Barrier Reef for their jobs, and for every family who wants to show the Reef to their kids some day.

"Unlike Senator Canavan, scientists understand that the Great Barrier Reef is under threat from the mining and burning of coal. Allowing the Carmichael mine to go ahead would cause yet more global warming and yet more coral bleaching.

"The Carmichael mine presents a threat to 69,000 tourism industry jobs that depend on a healthy Great Barrier Reef. Yet it would create just over 1,000 positions in the short term. Why is Senator Canavan willing to sacrifice 69,000 jobs to gain 1,000?

"Carmichael is not an 'exciting opportunity' unless you are excited by the economic damage associated with increased natural disasters. We hope this is not what Turnbull meant when he said that this was an 'exciting time to be an Australian'.

"We are deeply troubled that the Prime Minister has been fast-tracking and giving special treatment to a mine that will completely undermine Australia's international responsibility to slow and reverse global warming.

"We must do better than this. We can't just afford to ignore reality, the issues are too serious.

"Unlike the majority of Australians Senator Canavan doesn't want to see us embrace 100% renewable power. Has he not noticed we live on the sunniest continent on earth? He needs to read the Homegrown Power Plan. It shows how we transition to 100% renewable power by 2030 and save billions on fuel costs along the way.

"Our members would love to meet the new Resources Minister and talk him through the opportunities of embracing the global renewables boom.

For more information please call Adrian Dodd on 0401 726 476

Media Release, 18 July 2016

GetUp to target right-wing blockers over superannuation reform

GetUp has today hit back against hard-right Coalition members bemoaning reform of Australia's system of super tax concessions, announcing that its one million members intend to campaign for the changes to go even further.

This comes after senior members of the Coalition have singled out the changes for their poor showing the 2016 election.

"Liberal MPs, who represent some of the wealthiest electorates in the country, need to get some perspective", said Natalie O'Brien, GetUp Campaigns Director.

"The proposed lifetime and annual caps are baby steps in the direction of a more balanced system of tax concessions – but we'll still see billions of taxpayer dollars given to wealthy individuals that don't need them.

"The Coalition's reform plan would save only $870 million by 2019. This goes no where near far enough to address the $12 billion in wasteful tax concessions that go to the top 10% of income-earners every single year.

"Our alternative superannuation reform proposal, which would save the budget $9.5 billion in one year, shows how a stronger and fairer super reform scheme could be implemented.

"The Coalition cries wolf about the 'budget emergency' but when it comes to sensible savings by making onshore tax havens more equitable, they squib it.

"It's hard not to be cynical about members of the Coalition crying foul, when these MPs represent some of the wealthiest electorates in the country. They are shamelessly putting the interests of their well-off constituents over the rest of us.

"We need to make the system more balanced for low-income earners and women – who are the biggest losers of the current arrangements", she said.

Super tax concessions are estimated to cost the Federal Budget as much as $49.5 billion by 2017-18.

For more information please call Adrian Dodd on 0401 726 476

Media Release, 18 July 2016

Not much energy for renewables in new Turnbull cabinet

Turnbull's new cabinet does little to reassure the vast majority of Australians who want action on climate change and a plan for renewable energy.

"Less than 1 in 5 Australians think the Coalition has an effective plan to tackle climate change. Today's new cabinet won't fill the other 4 with confidence," said GetUp's Climate Campaigns Director Miriam Lyons.

"The decision to combine the environment and energy portfolios could be a good opportunity to clean up our energy sector. But it will take strong leadership from PM Turnbull to make sure that Josh Frydenberg, fresh out of the resources portfolio, fully embraces the transition to renewables.

"If we want to unleash billions of dollars in renewable investment and tens of thousands of renewable jobs, we need to get serious about the transition to 100% renewable energy.

"Our 1 million members will be watching carefully to see if Minister Frydenberg is ready to tackle the big polluters who are crushing climate progress and holding back the renewables boom.

"If Josh Frydenberg has drunk too much coal industry Koolaid to deliver a fast, fair and affordable transition to renewable energy, we'll be ready to hold him to account.

"The appointment of climate sceptic Matt Canavan as Resources Minister is a backward step not only for the Turnbull cabinet but for Australia's clean energy future.

"Australians love renewables. Minister Canavan doesn't. Australians recognise that there will be more jobs in renewables than coal. Canavan doesn't. This is an MP who has called for the Renewable Energy Target - a Howard Government creation - to be abolished, and for climate denial to be publicly funded. He has also attacked the right of community groups to stand up for the environment.

"The appointment of a Resources Minister who can't tell the difference between sound market analysis and an Adani press release is economically reckless and environmentally dangerous."

For more information please call Adrian Dodd on 0401 726 476

Media Release, 5 July 2016

Election impact shows power of GetUp members

GetUp has responded to attacks from Andrew Nikolic, Peter Dutton, Barnaby Joyce, and George Christensen as evidence of the importance and effectiveness of the campaign and the power of GetUp's members.

At this election, GetUp pursued a strategy of targeting the right-wing of the Coalition who block action on global warming, renewable energy, and funding for schools and hospitals.

The swings were huge:
  • Bass - Andrew Nikolic 10.4%
  • Macquarie - Louise Markus 6.9%
  • Dickson - Peter Dutton 5.9%
  • Mayo - Jamie Briggs 17.6%
  • Macarthur - Russell Matheson 12.6%
  • Dawson - 4.5%

Paul Oosting, National Director said that at this election we've seen the power of people to create change. Of the 12 seats lost by the Coalition so far this election, at least seven were from the right-wing.

"And they didn't like it. These guys can give out abuse, but they deny people rights, lock people up in offshore detention camps, and cut critical funding to schools and hospitals."

"GetUp volunteers had 45,000 conversations with swing voters in marginal seats across the country, including 27,000 conversations with voters in Bass and Dickson."

"You can attack GetUp all you like, but you're missing the point. What they're attacking is the work of everyday Australians who call themselves GetUp members -- volunteers as young at 18, and as old as 100.

"Together, GetUp members had heartfelt, one-on-one conversations with swing-voters in these seats about the issues that matter most – from the urgency of investing in renewable energy, to desperately needed health and hospital funding. And GetUp members helped fund the ad campaigns that drove these messages home."

"GetUp members also funded hard-hitting advertising campaigns – on the TV, in cinemas, on the radio and on Facebook."

"The parties now know that by acting together, we have the power to cost them their place in our Parliament."

Case studies:

Volunteer Case Studies available on request

Campaign funding:

Number of donors – since April, 36,155 GetUp members chipped in to fund the nationwide people powered election campaign with an average donation of $81


Getup members had 19,022 phone conversations with voters in Bass about renewable energy, health and hospitals.

GetUp's groundbreaking digital advertising campaign reached 58,418 voters in Bass on Facebook. These ads were seen 692,133 times on Facebook and 351,729 on high traffic websites visited by Bass voters. 19,000 people received an SMS or MMS.

GetUp members chipped in to fund this Facebook advertising campaign, a billboard, multiple newspaper ads, and ads across TV and radio to expose the cost of another term of hard right policies for the community of Bass.

We reached a total of 51,699 residents of Bass with direct mail, detailing what was at stake this election.

On election day 80 volunteers handed out How-to-Vote Cards across more than 22 booths.

Swing: 10.4%


Getup members had 8,159 phone conversations with voters in Dickson about renewable energy and our health system.

More than 100,000 residents in and around Dickson saw vote-shifting ads from GetUp on Facebook. These ads have been seen a total of 765,062 times on Facebook and 379,159 on high traffic websites visited by Dickson voters.

GetUp reached a total of 53,033 residents of Dickson with direct mail detailing what was at stake this election.

Getup members chipped in to fund this Facebook advertising campaign, as well as a high impact mobile billboard, newspaper ads, ads across Brisbane radio and primetime TV, and ads in cinema across Queensland to expose the cost of another term of hard right policies.

On election day, 107 volunteers handed out How-to-Vote cards.

Swing: 5.9%


There are 11,051 GetUp members in Mayo. This election they, along with thousands of swing-voters, rejected the right-wing policies of Jamie Briggs.

GetUp reached 23,471 voters in Mayo on Facebook with cut-through ads on renewable energy, health and education funding. These ads were seen 170,705 times on Facebook, and 245,124 times on high-traffic websites visited by Mayo constituents.

GetUp members chipped in to support our online advertising program, and fund a full-page print ad in the Southern Times Messenger as well as radio ads across key stations.

We sent direct mail to 10,900 swinging voters in Mayo slamming the government for cuts to hospital funding in the electorate.

On election day, 114 volunteers on election day handed out how to vote cards.

Swing: 17.6%


This election, GetUp reached 100,000 voters in and around the electorate of Macquarie on Facebook – and that content was seen 850,365 times.

To make sure the message got through in Macquarie, Getup members chipped in to fund an ad in the local newspaper to expose the cost of another term of hard right policies

We reached 11,000 residents in Macquarie with direct mail, detailing what's at stake this election.

And on election day 179 volunteers brought the campaign home by volunteering to hand out How-to-Vote cards at their local polling booth.

Swing: 6.9%


Getup members had 13,455 conversations with voters in Dawson about renewable energy, hospital funding, and our education system.

52,320 Facebook users in Dawson have seen hard hitting ads from GetUp. Those ads have been seen a total of 352,718 times on Facebook and 359,569 in Google Display Network.

We reached a total of 22,750 residents of Dawson in their post boxes with letters detailing what was at stake this election.

To make sure the message got through in Dawson, Getup members have chipped in to fund a digital takeover of the local paper, radio ads and cinema ads to expose the cost of another term of hard right policies.

Swing: 4.5%

For more information please call Adrian Dodd on 0401 726 476

Media Release, 3 July 2016

Hard right wing of the conservative party weakened after election result

Although the final results of the national election remains unclear, the conservative base of Australian politics has been weakened after last night's result.

Australians are clearly fed up parties are failing to act on global warming, cutting funding for essential services like schools and hospitals, and refusing to legislate on marriage equality, and have shown they are prepared to fight for them.

Paul Oosting, National Director of GetUp said Malcolm Turnbull had been held back on these important issues by the hard right wing of his party.

"If Malcolm Turnbull is able to form a new government he must look at the result of seats like Bass and Dickson where right wing agendas were rejected.

"In areas like Bass, Dickson, Page, Dawson and Macquarie home of hard-right factional leaders of the Liberal Party there have been huge swings against the Coalition.

"In Bass, a comprehensive people powered campaign to unseat Andrew Nikolic has seen GetUp members mobilise to have over 18,000 meaningful conversations, fund widespread advertising and digital communications, and hand out how to votes at 28 polling booths.

"The people of Bass' concerns for their hospital funding and desire for more leadership on clean energy cannot be ignored any longer.

"The right wing of Turnbull's party has suffered significant swings and significant losses this election. That's because of the thousands of GetUp members who came out hard in electorates like Bass and Dickson.

"We've also seen huge swings in Dickson, where GetUp members mobilised to target Peter Dutton, seeing a huge swing against the Immigration Minister who reverted to dog-whistling and attacking immigrants to get himself elected.

"Now — Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Party have no excuse for sticking to the Abbott-era policies on climate change and marriage equality. They need to recognise that this is a huge rejection of his lack of courage and vision.

"In Mayo, voters wanted more renewable energy and rejected incumbent Jamie Briggs, as the Liberals cut $1 billion from renewables. Our exit polling showed 91 per cent of people want the next government to invest in more renewable energy.

"The next government, whoever forms it, needs to be run by a leader, not someone who panders to global warming deniers, homophobes and racists.

"It needs to address the challenges Australians face and invest in the services we need, address global warming and invest in renewable energy, and provide people with the right to marry who they love," said Mr Oosting.

For more information please call Adrian Dodd 0401 726 476

Media Release, 3 July 2016

Inaction on global warming costs votes

Regardless of who forms government, the need to act on global warming and invest in renewable energy is inescapable said GetUp.

GetUp Campaigns Director Sam Regester said Malcolm Turnbull lost support because he was a disappointment on global warming and renewable energy.

"People flocked away from the Coalition towards Labor, minor parties or Independents with strong positions on climate and renewables.

"Poll after poll has seen strong support for action on global warming across the political spectrum. People want the Great Barrier Reef protected for its natural beauty and the 69,000 jobs that depend on it.

"We've seen hard right-wing MPs like Andrew Nikolic, known for blocking action on global warming and renewable energy, thrown out of the lower house, and others like Peter Dutton are teetering on the brink.

"Unfortunately we haven't cured stupid, with Pauline Hanson calling for a Royal Commission into climate science - clearly the reality-based community still have our work cut out for us.

"In South Australia, we've seen tremendous support for Nick Xenophon who committed to support 50% renewable energy by 2030, full funding for ARENA, and reducing carbon pollution in line with the Climate Change Authority's recommendations.

"One of the reasons Malcolm Turnbull has seen his primary vote and popularity drop is because he continued to take Tony Abbott's policies to the election.

"The next government faces similar challenges. We need a government who is going to stop the mining and burning of coal.

"We need a government who recognises that we can grow jobs in the renewable energy sector, and you're not going to achieve that by cutting over a billion dollars from renewable energy funding.

"With strong support for ARENA on the cross bench, any further cuts will be very difficult for Malcolm Turnbull.

For more information please call Adrian Dodd on 0401 726 476