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Exposing Abbott's ABC Lie

UPDATE: More than 8,000 GetUp members have already chipped in enough to get on the front foot in the face of the recent threats to the ABC.

If Tony Abbott's aim was to whip the public up into a frenzy and create a climate of terrorist-fuelled fear, then he has succeeded.

With his "heads should roll" sensationalism eagerly splashed across front pages of the high circulation Murdoch-owned News Limited media1 – portraying Australia's public broadcaster as in cahoots with a Jihad and terrorism – there's no wonder we saw ABC headquarters go into security lockdown following death threats.2 These death threats were aimed at hundreds of staff who had nothing to do with Q&A or the incident that occurred on the show last Monday. They are merely the victims of Abbott's agenda and tabloid sensationalism.

Will you show him Australians won't stand for yet another attack on our public broadcaster? Chip in now to stand up for the ABC by supporting impactful ads, billboards and public pressure in the most strategic marginal electorates where the Coaltion has to listen.

Our research has already identified two crucial electorates where it is predicted the attacks on the ABC are most likely to have cut-through. Liberal MP Teresa Gambaro's electorate of Brisbane, and Jason Wood's electorate of La Trobe are both key marginal seats that will likely play a deciding role in whether or not Tony Abbott remains in power after the next election.

If enough of us chip in now, we could saturate those seats with a strong message that Australians will not stand for yet another attack on our public broadcaster. On the air, on billboards in the streets and through the pressure of GetUp members living in these key communities, we can make ourselves heard as election pressure builds, and the future of the ABC is once again in the balance.

Can you chip in now to make sure we're ready to fight back?

[1] 'Heads should roll': Urgent government inquiry into ABC, SBS News, 25th June 2015.
[2] 'ABC security boosted after threats over Zaky Mallah's Q&A appearance', Guardian Australia, 26th June 2015.