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The Future of Fairfax?

This week, Australia's richest person, Gina Rinehart, has bought huge stakes in Fairfax Media. Journalists report that she is seeking three seats on the board, but has refused requests by company to sign Fairfax's Charter of Editorial Independence.

We're not rich enough to takeover Fairfax, but together we can takeover Fairfax's homepages - with an invitation to the public to have their say on Rinehart's takeover bid.

Our best chance of stopping Gina Rinehart exerting editorial control at Fairfax is to show that it's not in the company's financial interest to allow her on the board -- that her influence will undermine the main asset of Fairfax newspapers: our trust.

That's what we can achieve together with these ads. If we all chip in, the ads will be seen millions of times, giving readers a chance to tell Fairfax that customers demand editorial independence. Chip in to get the ads on the homepages of The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald online this Saturday! Donate using our secure tool on the right.


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