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Editorial Independence

Today it was confirmed: Gina Rinehart is behind a massive buy-up of Fairfax Media, publishers of some of the major mastheads in Australia, such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. She's recently bought some 140 million shares over 3 days, increasing her stake to 18.67% - edging ever closer to the minimum holdings before she must launch a takeover bid.

As the board consider Gina Rinehart's bid for the board--and her vision for the company - let's tell the Fairfax board: we buy their papers because of Fairfax's commitment to editorial independence, and that independence must be defended. Email Fairfax using our simple tool on the right.

Tips for writing the email:

- Be polite and concise. The shorter and more direct your email is, the more powerful it will be.
- You might want to mention if you're a reader or a subscriber to a Fairfax paper, and how this will affect your decision to buy their newspapers.

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