The night before the 2013 federal election, Prime Minister Tony Abbott promised there would be "no cuts to the ABC or SBS". Now, news reports suggest that he could be about to break his promise and use this year's budget to make cuts to our favourite public broadcasters.

That gives us just 4 weeks to make as much noise as possible and tell Mr Abbott to keep his promise and keep his hands off our ABC.

We know the majority of Australians don't want these funding cuts to go ahead, and together, we'll throw everything we've got to protect our ABC.

Here's the plan:

  • Right now our creative and media buying teams are working overnight to create a TV ad that will run when and where our political leaders will be watching.

  • Our field team organisers are planning large-scale actions, where GetUp members will hit the streets to deliver our 220,000 signature-strong petition.

  • We'll run online ads and reach thousands of Australians to let them know what's on the line in the upcoming budget.

This is just a taste of what we have planned over the coming weeks, can you chip in to help make it happen?