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ABC under attack - sign the petition

Before the 2013 Federal Election Tony Abbott said that there would be "no cuts to the ABC or SBS".

Now, news reports suggest that he could be about to break his promise and use this year's budget to make cuts to our favourite public broadcasters.

We've seen this before, and GetUp members were the first to respond. More than 225,000 of us have signed the petition, urging our government to keep their hands of the ABC's funding. GetUp members chipped in to fund prominent billboards smack-bang on the roads where they live and work. Now, let's amp this up - can you help make sure we have as many signatures as possible before we deliver this petition?


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We call on the Australian Government to keep our public broadcasters fully-funded, free of ads, free for everyone, and free to remain fair and balanced.

271,221 signatures

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