More ads on the SBS? No way! That's the message from more than 61,000 Australians who have signed the petition to protect sustainable, multicultural public broadcasting, and stand up for our SBS.

Can you take a few minutes to let your MP know you don't want our SBS to further commercialised?

Currently, the SBS has a maximum of five minutes of ads every hour. But the Government is proposing to double the hourly cap on advertising, so that SBS will look like commercial TV.

More ads on the SBS will put the interests of the advertiser ahead of the viewer, and damage the integrity of our public broadcaster. SBS will not be able to meet its Charter obligations.

The SBS was set up to broadcast quality, diverse content that wasn't (and isn't) available on the more commercially driven channels. By increasing reliance on ads, SBS loses its purpose and independence as a public broadcaster.

Let your MP know you don't support any legislation that will increase advertising in any hour on SBS.