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Protect our ABC!

Before the 2013 Federal Election Tony Abbott said that there would be "no cuts to the ABC or SBS".

But this week the debate has fired up again. First Prime Minister Abbott went on the attack, blasting the ABC for taking "everyone's side but our own". Today the Government announced an "efficiency study" into the costs of the ABC and the SBS. This follows months of members of the Liberal Party and the IPA agitating for the Government to defund and commercialise Australia's favourite public broadcaster.

We know what this is, they've pulled this move before. They're seeing how much they can get away with and the answer is clear; GetUp members have rallied together time and time again to demonstrate we won't allow defunding or the privatisation of our ABC. Let's do it again.

Stand up for the ABC and the sign the petition.

Right-wing think tanks like the IPA, who have the ear of Tony Abbott, made it clear that the ABC is firmly in their line of fire. But we'd like to keep our ABC free of ads, free for everyone, free to remain fair and balanced.

Sign the petition to show your support for Australia's public broadcasters.


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We call on the Australian Government to keep our public broadcasters fully-funded, free of ads, free for everyone, and free to remain fair and balanced.

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