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Time to fight back — our ABC won't be privatised!

The politician responsible for the ABC – Communications Minister Mitch Fifield – a paid up IPA member. Our public broadcaster has never faced a bigger threat. Banner reads - Chip in to save our ABC from the IPA's attacks!
The Turnbull Government is becoming increasingly brazen in their ABC attacks. But the ABC is one of Australia's most liked and trusted institutions – with supporters from right across the political spectrum. 3

So here's the plan: we're going to show the Turnbull Government that attacking and privatising the ABC is politically toxic – with their own supporters.

Together, we can identify and target the most strategic communities to work with, and make sure the ABC is a live issue for the Coalition MPs most vulnerable on the ABC. And we can do this at the perfect moment – just as politicians are playing close attention in the lead up to the 'Super Saturday' by-elections.
Here's what we can do if enough of us chip in together to fund this plan:

  • Make sure attacks on the ABC rate as a top issue in the upcoming by-election in the South Australian seat of Mayo, where the Liberal candidate has described the ABC as a "despicable waste of taxpayer's precious money", and in the Tasmanian seat of Braddon, where the cuts threaten local jobs
  • Commission polling and research across the country to identify and speak to traditionally Coalition-leaning regional communities that rely on the ABC as their only source of media.
  • Advertising to parents' groups and early childhood educators about the ABC's world-class children's programs that are under threat due to the Coalition's budget cuts
  • Execute highly localised campaign tactics targeting vulnerable Coalition MPs with high ABC support amongst their constituents, creating discord within Turnbull's very own party room.
But this type of deep, strategic campaigning is both expensive and time consuming. We've got less than two months until the by-elections are held. So if we want to put attacks on the ABC on the agenda we need to move right now.