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Our ABC is under attack. Today the Victorian Liberals will vote on whether privatising the ABC and SBS should become part of their policy.

They want to see our beloved public broadcasters flogged off to the highest bidder.

This isn't the first time they've tried this. In 2006 the Howard Government tried to slash funding for the ABC, resulting in a pouring of outcry from GetUp members who successfully lobbied to stop them.

Help us run this ad in tomorrow's Age and launch an online advertising campaign that will keep this issue at the forefront of people's minds.

If enough people chip in today, we will be able to run a prolonged campaign in support of Australian public broadcasting online and on social media.

We will strategically and creatively target hundreds of thousands of Australians who care about the ABC and SBS, helping them join the fight.

Privatising the ABC would see some of Australia's best loved news reporting and documentaries, such as 4 Corners and Australian Story, become compromised by commercial interests. As will the multicutlural programs SBS provides for our culturally diverse community.

Use the tool on the right to chip-in to run the ad and help save our ABC and SBS.

Earlier this week, Tony Abbott said selling off the ABC and SBS wouldn't become Federal Liberal Party policy - but he is yet to rule out Howardesque budget cuts, which will cripple the ABC and SBS.

A yes vote by the Victorian Liberal Party on Saturday could tip the pressure from within the Liberal Party towards cutting funds and privatisation.

GetUp members have stood up time and time again to protect independent media.

Let's make it clear the ABC and SBS aren't up for sale.


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