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Start the conversation on Medicare

Together, we have a very real opportunity to put a stop to the Abbott Government's attack on our world-class Medicare system.

Before it becomes law, the legislative changes to Medicare, including a new Sick Tax for GP visits, will need to pass through the Senate -- a decision that lies with the eight crossbench senators who will hold the balance of power from 7 July. Many of these senators have already spoken out against the GP-fee, but Prime Minister Abbott is going to be negotiating fiercely to get his government's budget priorities through.

By sharing our stories, we can ensure that when Mr Abbott comes knocking on key senators' doors, asking them to make a deal on Medicare, they will have hundreds of constituent stories front of mind.

Many of these crossbench senators are just starting their first term, so our stories about Medicare will be the first mass contact they'll ever receive from the Australian public and are sure to grab their attention. And while we may not agree with them on everything, this initial contact will open the door to conversations about the many other issues that matter to our movement.

Will you share with your cross bench senator how the Sick Tax will impact you and your community?
From 7 July, the Coalition government will need to wrangle votes from the eight independents and minor parties that will fill the crossbenches, and hold the balance of power, in the 76-seat chamber. The cross bench will comprise of the following senators, along with the ten Greens senators.

New South Wales: David Leyonhjelm, Liberal Democratic Party
Queensland: Glenn Lazarus, Palmer United Party
South Australia: Nick Xenophon, Independent; Bob Day, Family First
Tasmania: Jacqui Lambie, Palmer United Party
Victoria: John Madigan, Democratic Labour Party; Ricky Muir, Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party
Western Australia: Dio Wang, Palmer United Party

Share your Medicare story

Let's give our senators hundreds of powerful constituent stories that spell out why they need to protect our Medicare.

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