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Defend Our Medicare

LEAKED: The Turnbull government has "well-advanced" plans to privatise the delivery of Medicare benefits, including for-profit corporations overseeing eligibility requirements for care.

Will you let the Turnbull Government know that Australia is ready to defend Medicare by adding your name to the petition now?

Trussed up as an endeavour to improve efficiency, these changes represent a fundamental rethink of our world-class universal healthcare system that would place $50 billion in services under corporate control.

The privatisation overhaul would be the first time for-profit corporations has delivered a national health service – and would bring us one step closer to a profit-driven, American-style system that denies people access to life-saving healthcare because they can't afford it.


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To Prime Minister Turnbull and Health Minister Ley:

We call on the Government to put public health over private profit and reverse cuts to public hospitals and essential health services. Keep our health system world class and accessible for all.

66,512 signatures

We need 3,488 more