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What Will Abbott's Sick Tax Cost You?

The $7 Sick Tax for GP visits just announced in the Government's budget will hit bulk billing patients especially hard - the very people who can least afford to pay more for care beyond the Medicare levy taken from every pay. It's disturbing then, that while some electorates are filled with bulk billing patients, Prime Minister Abbott's has among the least.

See how the proposed Sick Tax impacts your community by clicking on your electorate in the map below—then join the campaign to stop the Sick Tax by signing the petition.


  • Data on the proportion of GP services that are bulk billed in each electorate sourced from the Department of Health's Electorate Reports for the year 2010-2011.
  • Income data is sourced from the 2011 Census.
  • Both bulk billing and income data are based on the electorates used at the 2010 federal election. The states of Victoria and South Australia underwent relatively minor redistributions since the 2010 election, so the data in those states does not perfectly match the current electorates. We have used the 2010 electoral map for Victoria and South Australia.
  • Information about local MPs and their margins of victory are based on the results of the 2013 federal election.
  • Since the year 2010-2011, total numbers of GP visits have increased by over 7%, but data for more recent years has not been broken down by electorate.
  • While the new Sick Tax would likely impact everyone who visits their GP, this analysis focusses on bulk billing patients, because they will tend to have the least ability to afford the new fee.
  • While we don't know for sure how the GP fee for bulk billing visits would work, we assume that the fee (up to $7) will be charged once for every visit to a GP. We have calculated the potential maximum cost of such a $7 fee if it was charged to every bulk-billing visit in each electorate, and that number of visits stayed steady.


We call on the Government to abandon any plans to charge Australians for getting sick, and to keep Medicare world class and accessible for all.

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