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Stop the Medicare Deep Freeze

Newsflash: "A flood of doctors" are abandoning bulk billing.

Forget the $6 GP co-payment. A new report in the Sun Herald shows that the Turnbull Government's Medicare GP rebate freeze is driving GP practices out of bulk billing all together. That can mean gap fees of $40 or more for patients who were once fully covered by Medicare.
Government MPs and senators have just headed back to their electorates for the holidays, wondering what's top of mind in their communities. It's the perfect time to show them the Medicare rebate freeze is what Australians are talking about.

Use our handy tool to email your local Coalition MP or Senator and tell them to make lifting the Medicare rebate freeze their New Year's resolution.
The most powerful emails will draw on your own personal experience or those of people you know, in your own words, as a local constituent. So, make it as personal as you can:

  • If your GP has stopped bulk billing or your gap fees for GP visits have gone up, or that's happened to people you know, that's the most important thing you can say.
  • Highlight if your out-of-pocket health costs have been going up generally, and now you're concerned about your GP fees going up too. Medicare statistics show a steady rise in out-of-pocket health costs, but your personal experience with that will speak loudest to your MP or senator.
  • If you don't have direct experience with health costs going up, you can talk about your concerns about what doctors are saying or what you've read in the paper about fee increases. Your could also raise your concern for the impact of fee increases on the most vulnerable, especially if it's someone you know or care about.
  • Doctors have flagged GP gap fees going up by $41 because of the Medicare rebate freeze for GP visits.
  • It wouldn't cost much to unfreeze the Medicare rebate. The Turnbull Government is set to announce $1 billion in public finance for the Adani Carmichael coal mine. That amount is better spent unfreezing the Medicare rebate.

Dear Coalition: unfreeze Medicare!

Use our handy tool to send an email to your local Coalition MP or senator. Make sure you let them know that you're a local constituent - they'll pay more attention to the voters they are elected to represent.

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